Riverdale Defective Products Lawyer

As technology has increasingly improved, we have become increasingly reliant upon different products for our day-to-day life. Unfortunately, no matter how improved these products become, there is always a risk that they can malfunction in some way and cause harm to the user.

If you or a loved one were injured, you should contact a Riverdale defective products lawyer. Since there is such a range of different products in the consumer market, there are a seemingly limitless number of various physical and psychological injuries, both short and long-term, that an individual could sustain. Depending on your case, a skilled personal injury lawyer may be able to help you pursue financial compensation for these damages and achieve a more favorable resolution to your claim.

Understanding Product Liability

Under 735 Illinois Statutes §13-213(3), a product liability claim refers to any action based upon the theory that a product caused personal injury, property, or economic damage. This product harm can be the result of improper construction, preparation, function, design, labeling, or other issues.

As a Riverdale defective products attorney can explain to a plaintiff, these legal claims can be broken down into three different types. These are manufacturing, design, and labeling flaws. While all three will generally be subject to the same statute of limitations and other filing deadlines, the type of specific claim will have ramifications for the elements needed to prove the plaintiff’s case.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are potentially the most well-known of the three types of product liability claims. As explained by the Illinois Civil Jury Instructions §400.00, this refers to the plaintiff’s accusation that a product has suffered improperly and do not function correctly as a result. For example, automobile breaks that contain components that quickly disintegrate.

Design Defects

The second type of defect does not claim that there was an issue with the manufacturer, but that the entire design of the product makes it unreasonably dangerous for regular use. Unreasonably dangerous is a legal standard that a defective products lawyer from Riverdale will have to prove before the court to pass muster under this claim. It requires the plaintiff to show that the product is unreasonably dangerous and could have been manufactured in such a way that reduces that danger and is still cost-effective.

Labeling Defects

The third claim a plaintiff could raise is that there was an issue in the labeling or warnings provided with the product. This allegation accepts that the product was manufactured and designed correctly, but because there was improper labeling, the plaintiff was injured. Since these types of cases are legally complex, the plaintiff should seek the help of a Riverdale defective products attorney.

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Whether you believe a product was manufactured, designed, or labeled improperly, a Riverdale defective products lawyer may be able to help. With the help of a diligent legal ally, you may be able to pursue your legal rights and damages before a court. Call today to learn about your legal options to recover compensation for damages.