Gary Truck Accident Lawyer

Virtually everyone has felt the squeeze of passing a large tractor-trailer on the highway. When accidents involving these trucks occur, it is no surprise that the damage caused is often significant. Most motorists may try to avoid driving near these trucks, let alone be involved in an accident with one. Unfortunately, truck collisions do happen.

When accidents occur, consider consulting a Gary truck accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you and your loved ones with the legal representation needed in the face of a serious truck accident. Because liability in such incidents can become very complicated, it is critical to have someone representing your best interests. En Español.

Common Causes of Truck Collisions

Truck crashes happen for all the same reasons car accidents do – poor visibility, inclement weather, changing traffic patterns, and slick roads. However, the size of trucks makes the crashes they are involved in much more serious than a collision between two passenger vehicles. Also, unlike smaller vehicles, there are many other factors that truckers must contend with to avoid a crash.

Truck drivers work long hours and are under strict deadlines to make their deliveries. Because of this pressure, many forgo breaks, naps, and rest time to meet their goals. Given that driving, while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is easy to see how accidents occur.

Truck drivers may shoulder the majority of liability in accidents, but the companies they represent are also sometimes held responsible. Trucking companies that encourage unsafe driving practices or send their employees on the road with faulty equipment can be held liable for the accidents their workers were involved in.

As with passenger vehicles, the tractor trailers driven by truckers can malfunction if they are not designed or assembled properly. Some collisions are a direct result of such oversights.

Damages in a Truck Crash Lawsuit

Indiana law allows people to pursue legal action when their accident was caused by the negligence of another person. Accidents happen, but no one should be stuck footing the bill for expensive medical treatment and vehicle repairs when the collision is the direct result of someone else’s poor decision.

A Gary truck accident attorney can help people involved in truck collisions get compensation for the damages they sustain in a wreck. Recompense may be available for medical bills, lost wages, and even non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. An experienced lawyer can help someone file a claim within the necessary timeframe.

Get Legal Help From a Gary Truck Accident Attorney

Although accidents happen, collisions with large trucks are often the result of a truck driver, company, or manufacturer’s negligence. When that is the case, you may have options.

If you or someone you love is suffering from injuries that were the result of a truck crash, a Gary truck accident lawyer may be able to assist you. Call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. The meeting is free of charge and requires no obligation. With so much on the line, you should not hesitate to explore your legal options. You may be surprised at the compensation to which you may be entitled.