Gary Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

There are few groups in our society more vulnerable than the elderly. Outside of infants, seniors are perhaps the people most at risk of being taken advantage of, abused, and neglected. When families need help caring for their aging loved ones, many have no choice but to turn to nursing home facilities. However, despite their bad reputations, nursing homes can be wonderful places for older people to live.

Still, many nursing homes are in fact the site of abuse and neglect. Families who suspect their loved ones are being mistreated by the staff of their nursing home can take legal action to protect them. By working with a Gary nursing home abuse lawyer, families can help their aging loved ones receive the best care possible. Call a compassionate injury attorney today to schedule a consultation.

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

There are red flags that families should look out for when they become suspicious of abuse or neglect. A Gary nursing facility abuse lawyer can help a family spot the signs of abuse. One of the most common warning signs are injuries stemming from the abuse. Unexplained broken bones or sprains can indicate that a nursing home resident is being mistreated. Bruising, scars, and signs of restraint (such as rope marks around a person’s wrists) can also be signs of physical abuse.

Less obvious are the effects of emotional abuse. Changes in personality, memory problems, or unusual behavior such as rocking or biting can indicate emotional abuse. Anxiety or nervousness can also be a sign that a person was emotionally abused.

Some elderly residents of nursing homes also are victims of sexual abuse. Seniors may feel ashamed and try to hide the effects, making it difficult for family members to spot. Depression, unexplained bruising around the genitals, and flirtation from caregivers can indicate sexual abuse.

Finally, neglect is all too common in nursing home facilities. Many workers are overworked and underpaid. Even employees with the best intentions can be guilty of neglecting senior residents. Families should look for signs of unusual weight loss, soiled clothing or linens, bedsores, and a lack of needed medical assistance, such as medications, glasses, or canes.

Legal Options for Families in Gary

Indiana allows families to pursue legal action when they discover their loved one was abused or neglected by their caregivers. By working with a trusted Gary nursing home abuse attorney, families can investigate their suspicions and hold the responsible parties liable for the abuse. Many times, elders who have suffered abuse are entitled to compensation that will allow them to move to a higher quality facility. Taking legal action can also shine a spotlight on the overall treatment of residents at a neglectful nursing home and help other seniors get the help they need.

Learn How a Gary Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

By calling a Gary nursing home abuse lawyer, families can help their loved one be respected in a way they have not been in their nursing home. Compassionate lawyers who are experienced in working with nursing home abuse cases know the red flags that can indicate neglect and mistreatment. They can hold the abuser accountable for their callous actions and ensure the senior receives the care they deserve.

Call today to schedule your initial consultation. The appointment is completely confidential, requires no commitment, and is free of charge. Families unsure whether they wish to pursue legal action can benefit from such a conversation, as they can walk away better informed of their rights and legal options.