Beech Grove Burn Injury Lawyer

Experiencing a serious burn can cause permanent scarring, result in nerve damage, or even threaten your life, but filing a lawsuit can help you recoup your losses. Indiana law allows eligible people to sue those who cause them harm. If you believe someone else (like a person or business) caused or contributed to your burn injury, you may be able to submit a claim against them.

A Beech Grove burn injury lawyer can equip you with the legal knowledge and resources you need to bring a successful lawsuit. Our respected catastrophic injury attorneys regularly assist burn victims and their families in asserting their legal rights in court.

Common Causes and Types of Burn Injuries

When people think of burns, they might immediately think of fire, but this is only one way to sustain a burn injury. For example, electrical wiring that short circuits can burn someone’s flesh. Likewise, bleach, battery acid, and paint thinners can burn the skin or irritate someone’s lungs or eyes.

Extremely hot steam can also cause someone to experience a burn, as can searing liquids (like hot coffee or soup). Burns can range from superficial injuries to those that penetrate deep into the tissue (third-degree burns). With these conditions, it is not uncommon for someone with a severe injury not to feel pain, especially if there is damage to their nerves.

Burn injuries can be extremely dangerous, opening the person up to significant discomfort and possibly contracting an infection. Beech Grove lawyers who handle burn injury cases understand the unique pain and anguish the injured often feel.

Proving Liability After a Burn Injury

If the injured party can draw a connection between someone else’s actions and their burn injury, they may be eligible to recover compensation. Often, this requires them to show all of the following:

  • The at-fault person or business had a duty to act or not act a certain way (such as following the speed limit or generally accepted practices of medicine)
  • The at-fault person or business made a mistake that breached that duty of care
  • The mistake led to injuries
  • The injuries could be compensable through a damages award

Depending on their specific claim, the plaintiff may have to prove additional legal factors. For example, if they are suing a manufacturer, Indiana Code § 34-20-2-1 requires them to establish that there was a foreseeable possibility of harm from using this product. They must also file their case before the statute of limitations (filing deadline) ends.

Beech Grove lawyers support those with burn injuries during the legal process. They help gather and present evidence to prove the other person is liable, and preserve a client’s rights by filing the proper documents in court before the deadline expires.

Learn How a Beech Grove Attorney Could Help Those With Burn Injuries

Suffering a burn can interrupt your daily life, keeping you from showing up at work or participating in family life in the way you could before the incident. Filing a claim cannot undo the harm entirely, but it allows you to potentially receive compensation for the wrongs done to you. A seasoned injury attorney could research possible grounds for the lawsuit and serve as your advocate during the legal process.

Contact a Beech Grove burn injury lawyer to set up a free consultation and start your legal journey.