Cook County Bad Weather Accident Lawyer

Illinois often has bad weather and this can have a major impact on driving. Fog, ice, rain, and snow can all affect someone’s ability to drive or to see ahead of them, increasing the odds of a car wreck. If you were hurt due to someone’s reckless driving, call us and speak to a Cook County bad weather accident lawyer.

Preparing to Drive in Bad Weather

Snow and ice are common in Cook County winters. When driving, is important to pay particular attention to the condition of the road, because even if there is not active precipitation, there still may be ice which can cause an accident. In addition, heavy rain or wind can impact driving abilities.

It is important to maintain reasonable control of a motor vehicle in light of the weather circumstances. There can be warning signs that a driver may experience prior to a weather-related accident. For example, bad visibility or loss of control of the vehicle can be a warning sign to slow down. Sliding, slipping, skidding, or even hydroplaning can all contribute to a crash.

In particularly snowy areas, some vehicles will have chains on their tires or even studded snow tires during the winter. Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles tend to handle better in inclement weather. Finally, the use of high beams at the appropriate time can also help minimize the risk of an accident in rain or fog.

Initial Steps After a Crash

Bad weather in Cook County can contribute to many different types of car accidents. Common accidents include rear-end accidents where one vehicle is unable to stop and slides into the other. In situations where one vehicle loses control, it may result in a side-impact collision, a front-end crash, or even a rollover accident. Whenever the weather is inclement, it is important to drive with reasonable care.

Following any accident, but particularly one involving severe weather conditions, the first step should be to check the safety of all individuals involved and make sure that the vehicles will not contribute to additional accidents. Next, it is always advisable to take photographs of the scene to be used as evidence later. Finally, they should call the police and file a police report following an accident involving severe conditions.

Assignment of Fault

The fact that weather conditions may have contributed to an accident does not relieve an individual of their duty to drive with reasonable care. The responsibility that all drivers have is to drive in a safe manner relevant to the conditions. What may be safe in one situation may be dangerous in another. The fact that there is severe weather present is not a defense to an accident.

In there was a one-car accident involving poor weather conditions, it is difficult to make a financial recovery for the driver; however, the passengers of the vehicle may still have a claim against the driver for their negligent actions. If the driver is in an accident with no other vehicle, it likely means they were not driving with adequate care.

Investigation into a Bad Weather Crash

A lawyer in Cook County could conduct an investigation into a bad weather accident. While it is often easiest to document the scene immediately following the incident, there are other steps which a lawyer can take to prove that the weather was a contributing factor.

It is important to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer as promptly after an accident as possible since there may be evidence to collect. They can communicate with the insurance adjuster who will be looking out for the interests of the insurance company and will try to minimize the claim. Plaintiffs should not speak to insurance companies since they might accidently jeopardize a claim.

Ask a Cook County Bad Weather Accident Attorney for Assistance

The bad weather that often hits Cook County can wreak havoc on our roads and highways. If someone crashed into you, you deserve legal representation. Place a call or fill out a form to speak with a Cook County bad weather accident lawyer.