Cook County Rollover Accident Lawyer

In the event that a serious crash results in your car flipping upside down, you will likely sustain major injuries. After getting medical attention, your first act should be to call a Cook County rollover accident lawyer. The assistance of a reliable car crash attorney is crucial to winning damages for your losses.

What Constitutes a Rollover Accident?

Automobile collisions can occur in many ways and one type of accident is called a rollover, where one or more of the tires leave the ground and cause the vehicle to flip over. Although rollover accidents are not common, there are certain scenarios where they can occur. In a side-impact collision, the force of one vehicle may cause the other vehicle to flip. Another common scenario is when a vehicle leaves the roadway and rolls over an embankment. This type of crash may occur with one vehicle or it may also occur with multiple vehicles.

How Rollovers Are Different

An individual involved in a rollover accident in Cook County will be at risk of injury in places not usually found in other types of crashes. In a simple rear-end accident, the force of impact is forward and backward. In a side-impact accident, the force sustained is right to left. In a rollover accident, the body can experience all of these forces, and others, putting the person even more at risk. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage are common in these types of crashes.

Safety Tips to Prevent Rollovers

It is important to always drive safely and maintain a proper lookout in order to prevent a possible rollover accident. Driving at a safe speed and adjusting for the road conditions and the weather is another way to minimize the possibility. A driver should be aware of their surroundings, including other motorists who may not be driving safely.

While almost all accidents are preventable if a person takes adequate safety measures, there are some situations that a rollover accident cannot be avoided. If another vehicle suddenly disregards a traffic control device, and vehicle-bones another car, a crash may occur regardless of what the impacted driver was doing.

A single car accident can result if there is an equipment malfunction. For example, if there is a defect in the tire, which causes it to explode, a rollover accident may occur regardless of the person’s driving.

Documenting the Accident

Following any car crash, and particularly a rollover accident, there are certain steps which an individual should take. First, it is helpful to document the scene of the accident if they are medically able to take pictures of the vehicles, as well as the roadway. These can serve as strong evidence in the case.

Another important step is to keep track of any symptoms which a person may experience from their injuries. Ultimately, the value of a case is based on the severity of the injuries, which is why it is important to follow up with medical treatment. While a doctor will likely document the treatment for injuries, it is also important for the injured individual to keep track of their medical treatment.

Benefits of a Lawyer

A Cook County lawyer could advise someone following a rollover accident. In fact, an injured person should only be concerned about getting better from their injuries, while a lawyer handles all of the other details involved in the personal injury claim.

In addition to providing investigation services and communicating with the insurance company, a lawyer could advise someone on their rights to make a successful injury recovery. Because lawyers do not charge a fee upfront, it is always advisable to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Get Help from a Cook County Rollover Accident Attorney

There is help available after your car crash. You have the right to seek damages for any injuries you suffered but it is difficult to accomplish without help. Contact us to speak with a Cook County rollover accident lawyer today.