Cook County Highway Accident Lawyer

Cook County has many highways which all lead into Downtown Chicago and was designed to make it easy to get from any part of the county to downtown. Chicago acts like a hub with highway spokes extending out through Cook County and the adjoining suburbs.

Because of the volume of traffic between the suburbs and the city of Chicago, traffic accidents are common. During rush hour, the traffic on all the major interstates is particularly difficult, but even in off-peak hours, the interstates that go through Cook County are common areas for collisions. If you were hurt in one of these crashes, a Cook County highway accident lawyer could represent you in a civil claim for damages.

The Dangers of Highway Crashes

Accidents which occur on the highway tend to be more serious because cars travel at a higher rate of speed and the disparity of speed between vehicles can be significant. In side streets, there are traffic control devices which help regulate the flow of traffic, which is not the case on highways and interstates.

Anytime one is involved in an accident on a roadway, it is vital to check on the safety of anyone involved and to contact the police so a report is made. If the crash is on a highway, it could be Illinois State Police, a local municipality, or even the Cook County Sheriff’s office that generates the police report. Then, they should call a highway accident injury lawyer in Cook County for help.

Because the local interstates are divided, all traffic is flowing in the same direction and there are barriers separating oncoming traffic. On smaller roads, there may be a small divider or even a yellow line separating oncoming traffic. Because of this, there tend not to be as many head-on crashes. There are fewer instructional signs on the interstate because all traffic is proceeding in the same direction.

How Accidents Happen on Highways

Traffic accidents can occur in a variety of ways on a highway or freeway. The most common type is the rear-end accident, which typically comes from one party not paying attention to the traffic conditions and striking the rear of another vehicle. Other drivers disregard traffic control devices which result in a left-hand turn collision or a T-bone intersection accident. While most accidents involve two or more vehicles, there are situations where there will be a one-vehicle accident.

The response following an accident may depend on where the accident occurred. The distance from the nearest first responder’s office can impact the amount of time it takes for them to appear on the scene. Additionally, if the first responder must navigate traffic in order to get to the crash location, this can also impact the response time following an accident. Weather conditions and the time of day or the day of the week may also impact response times.

Speed Limits

Accidents can occur on any roadway and at any speed. However, accidents on Cook County highways tend to involve vehicles traveling at a higher speed. The faster the car is going, the less reaction time a driver has in the event of an emergency, and the more challenging it is to control the vehicle. The speed of the accident also affects the damage to the vehicles, as well as potential injuries to the occupants of the car.

No matter what speed the accident occurs at, it is important to safely relocate the vehicle to avoid additional danger. This is particularly true on highways where the other traffic is likely going fast. In some circumstances, a second accident can occur if the vehicles from the first accident remain in a dangerous location.

Learn Your Legal Options from a Cook County Highway Accident Attorney

Highways can be dangerous if motorists are speeding or not paying attention. When you sustain harm due to someone’s negligence, you can file a personal injury claim with help from a Cook County highway accident lawyer. Reach out to us to set up a free consultation.