Cook County Rear-End Accident Lawyer

A rear-end collision occurs anytime one vehicle strikes the back of another. Most commonly, it comes from driver inattention, especially when traffic is stopped in front of them. However, this type of car accident can also occur if the vehicle in front slams on their brakes. Simply because it is a rear-end collision, does not mean that it is 100 percent the fault of the vehicle in the back. One of our Cook County rear-end accident lawyers could help you properly place blame on the correct party in order to make a claim for damages.

Where Are Rear-End Collisions Likely to Occur?

Rear-end collisions typically occur near intersections or other areas where traffic comes to a halt. When people are driving and not paying attention, and traffic stops in front of them, a rear-end collision is more likely to occur. Another common cause for rear-end collisions is following someone too closely (also known as tailgating). The law requires a driver to leave sufficient space between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them to allow for safe stopping in the event of an emergency.

Establishing Fault and Liability

It is common that when a rear-end collision occurs, it is the fault of the striking vehicle. However, some defendants will argue that the car in front made a sudden and unexpected stop. The law does not allow them to slam on their brakes for no reason. In these types of situations, it typically results in both parties being found at fault. This is a situation where contributory negligence would be taken into consideration.

If the front vehicle is found to be partially at fault, the law of contributory negligence would reduce the amount of recoverable damages by the percent of fault attributable to the vehicle in front. However, it is rare for the vehicle in front to be assigned any percentage of liability.

There are many tools which a lawyer could use to establish liability in a rear-end collision case in Cook County. Frequently, the second vehicle driver will admit that it was their fault. However, if they dispute how the accident occurred, an experienced attorney may be able to gather evidence to support a finding of liability.

Sometimes lawyers will hire accident reconstruction experts. These people can evaluate the damage to the vehicles and estimate the speed at which each of them may have been traveling. This can be important evidence to establish liability. Accident reconstructionists can also examine evidence at the scene of an accident in order to determine potential faults.

Immediate Legal Counsel

It is important to have the advice of a Cook County attorney as soon as possible following a rear-end accident. The attorney could help someone navigate the claims process, as well as assist in anything necessary to facilitate their recovery from injuries. There are many pitfalls which can occur following a car crash case in Cook County, so having the advice of a lawyer as soon as possible is invaluable.

Plaintiffs will not be charged an upfront fee. For this reason, it will not cost anything out of their pocket to hire a lawyer immediately following an accident. The attorney only gets paid if there is a recovery and that recovery is a percentage of the amount recovered.

Learn More from a Cook County Rear-End Accident Attorney

Being struck by another motorist has the potential to inflict physical injuries on you, in addition to property damage. A Cook County rear-end accident lawyer could make the case for proper compensation. Call one now for a free consultation.