Cook County Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision is when the front end of one vehicle strikes the front end of another. This is a type of incident that car crash attorneys handle often, and their knowledge could make a legal claim easier to handle. If you are facing a mountain of medical bills, seek relief with a Cook County head-on collision lawyer.

How Head-On Crashes Happen

In order to be classified as a head-on collision, there must be two vehicles involved. In most cases, the vehicles are traveling in opposite directions. While one vehicle may be heading east, the other vehicle may be heading west, and when they crash, it results in a head-on collision.

Another common fact pattern for head-on collisions is when one vehicle makes a left-hand turn in front of the other. Although this may not be a direct front-to-front impact, a collision such as described is also considered a head-on collision.

Injuries Associated with Head-On Collisions

Because of the relative speeds of the vehicles, head-on collisions often result in serious injuries. The level of force in these crashes can be deceptive. If one vehicle is traveling 40 miles per hour, and another one is traveling 50 miles per hour, the impact would be as if one vehicle hit a brick wall at 90 miles per hour.

There are certain injuries which are common with head-on collisions. Fortunately, most vehicles are equipped with airbags, which have reduced the number of fatalities. Injuries to the wrists and arms can occur because the driver is holding the steering wheel upon impact. Even though an airbag may prevent some injuries, the force of the airbag deploying can result in bruising across the chest and face. It is also common for the driver’s body to strike the interior of the vehicle. Broken bones are common, as well as injuries to the back, neck, and muscles.

Assigning Liability for a Crash

In order to make a recovery for injuries sustained, a head-on car crash lawyer in Cook County must first establish fault. In the simplest scenario, the person in the wrong lane of traffic would be assigned 100 percent fault. On the other end of the spectrum, if someone turns left in front of oncoming traffic, it may be a situation where fault is split evenly at 50 percent. The police report is only one piece of evidence in determining fault in a car crash. Sometimes accident reconstruction experts are involved in order to solidify the fault.

There are many factors which impact liability. An accident may be the fault of both cars. In these situations, a lawyer must determine the percent of responsibility attributable to both vehicles. This is considered contributory negligence and, provided that the other vehicle is more at fault than them, a financial recovery is still possible.

What to Do After a Front-End Collision

If a Cook County front-end crash lawyer is involved soon enough, they might be able to go to the scene or send an investigator to collect evidence, including photographs or video. A lawyer could also communicate with the various insurance companies.

It is important not to speak to an insurance adjuster because they may ask questions in such a way that could hurt the case. Because lawyers do not charge any money upfront, it is always advisable to consult with an attorney first.

Even if an accident is someone else’s fault, they must still prove the damages resulting from the accident. The best way to prove damages is through medical treatment. Doctors are considered neutral and objective, and by treating the injured individual, it represents the best possible proof concerning injuries in an accident. If an accident occurs and there is no medical treatment, the insurance company will assume that there are no injuries and will refuse to make any sort of offer.

Secure Damages with a Cook County Head-On Collision Attorney

If another driver operated their vehicle in a negligent manner and crashed into you, then they should pay for the ensuing losses. A Cook County head-on collision lawyer could put you in a position to recover for those losses. Fill out a contact form for more information.