Indianapolis Bus Accident Lawyer

A bus accident can result in terrible injuries that rapidly accrue significant medical bills and other financial costs. A serious bus accident can inflict a physical and financial burden on all injured individuals, which adds insult to injury when the crash results from someone’s negligence.

If you are injured because of a recent bus collision, it may be in your best interest to speak with an Indianapolis bus accident lawyer as soon as possible. A seasoned personal injury attorney could evaluate the circumstances of the bus collision to determine whether the negligence of one or more parties contributed to the events that precipitated your injuries. Our goal is to recover all potential forms of compensation that may be open to you.

Leading Causes of Bus Accidents

Many factors can lead to a serious bus accident in Indianapolis, and a skilled attorney could investigate every angle to assess all sources of legal accountability. Sometimes distracted, tired, or otherwise reckless driving on the bus driver’s part may be the critical catalyst that leads to a severe collision. In other cases, improper training, poor maintenance of the vehicle, or even unsafe features specific to the bus itself may be cause in these collisions. Sometimes, a bus accident may occur through no fault of the bus driver or company but rather due to the negligence of a motorist who causes the crash.

Given the broad chain of events that can bring about a bus accident, it is possible for more than one party to bear legal responsibility for the collision and any subsequent injuries inflicted on passengers, other motorists, pedestrians, or cyclists. The parties who may potentially be liable in a bus collision can range from the operator of the bus to the private or public entity they work for, to the company responsible for performing maintenance on the bus, and even to another driver on the road.

Filing a Bus Accident Injury Claim in Indianapolis

Besides promptly receiving medical care for severe injuries and any following treatment or therapy that is advised, it is essential to seek guidance from a seasoned Indianapolis attorney with as little delay as possible following a bus collision. The state provides a specific window of time in which any injured party may launch a claim for compensation following a bus accident.

As detailed under Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4, the specific deadline by which a personal injury case must be filed, including one stemming from a bus accident, is two years from the date of the injury. However, a variety of factors could impact this filing window, potentially shortening or extending it. For example, if the liable party in a bus crash is a government body, the timeline to submit the initial paperwork to launch an injury claim is far more urgent and can be as brief as 180 days in some cases.

Failing to launch a claim by the appropriate filing window can bar financial recovery. As such, it is essential that any parties injured in a bus collision who wish to pursue compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering seek a lawyer as soon as possible. Experienced counsel should be able to determine what legal recourse may be available.

Contact an Indianapolis Bus Accident Attorney to Discuss a Potential Case

If you have been injured in a crash on public transit, you may feel that you have a viable case to pursue compensation. If so, the best thing to do is talk with an experienced Indianapolis bus accident lawyer who could provide specific insights and explain the legal guidelines applicable to your potential claim. An attorney could clear up any confusion and answer your questions to help you determine the most promising path forward.

Do not wait to pursue the dedicated legal advocacy you deserve. Call now to arrange a confidential legal consultation and learn more about starting a potential case.