Indianapolis Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Moving a parent or other loved one into a nursing home is never easy but sometimes it is unavoidable. When these moments come, you naturally expect the nursing facility to treat your loved one with care and see to their daily needs. As such, when a nursing home facility or staff violates their duty of care, resulting in injury to a resident, such actions are reprehensible and may give rise to viable legal action.

If you believe that a loved one has been injured due to neglect, abuse, or other wrongdoing while resident at a nursing home facility, you should consider speaking with a trustworthy personal injury attorney at the earliest opportunity. An Indianapolis nursing home abuse lawyer could work diligently to uncover any instances of negligence or mistreatment, and seek compensation that covers the full measure of financial and personal damages.

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Legal Obligations of Indianapolis Nursing Home Facilities

Most nursing homes receive significant funding directly or indirectly from state and federal governments. Regardless, these nursing facilities are subject to stringent state and federal regulations to ensure an acceptable standard of patient care. Among various legal obligations, nursing homes are required to provide residents with a safe and sanitary environment.

These facilities must ensure that they hire sufficient staff and that these individuals receive suitable instructions for adhering to health and safety regulations. Nursing homes are required to promote an adequate standard of living for residents, including their ability to live in an environment without financial, physical, emotional, sexual, or personal abuse.

Nursing facilities and staff are also obligated by standards that are specific to each resident. These range from basic requirements, such as ensuring that the resident is appropriately fed, hydrated, and sanitary, to following prescribed healthcare and therapy regimens aligned with the patient’s individual and medical needs. When someone believes that their legal rights or the legal rights of their loved one have been violated in a nursing home facility, it may be time for an Indianapolis attorney to step in and unearth the truth.

Pursuing a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

Determining what parties may be liable in a case of alleged nursing home abuse is going to be specific to the circumstances involved. Many signs may indicate that a resident is suffering from nursing home abuse, from poor hygiene to unexplained injuries to social withdrawal, sudden physical or mental shifts, and basic neglect.

Potentially liable parties in instances of nursing home abuse can include the individual or entity that owns the facility, specific staff members, or even a fellow resident who has perpetrated harm to the injured individual. Recoverable compensation in these claims can include money for pain, suffering, medical bills, and more.

It is vital to work with an experienced Indianapolis attorney in situations involving suspected nursing home abuse. A lawyer could closely analyze the evidence to determine any parties liable and from whom the injured resident may be entitled to recover compensation.

Get in Touch with an Indianapolis Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Uncovering legal liability in cases of potential nursing home abuse can be highly difficult to accomplish alone, as transparency at these facilities can be limited at best. An Indianapolis nursing home abuse lawyer could stand by your side at every stage of your case while fighting to ensure that all responsible parties face accountability.

An attorney could seek out the maximum possible compensatory award from the negligent parties involved. Schedule a legal consultation today to discuss the details of launching a nursing home abuse claim.