Lawrence Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses can provide convenient and affordable transportation options whether you are using them for your daily commute or longer journeys to your destination. Unfortunately, there are many instances where a bus-related incident produces significant injuries. When you are in a bus accident, either as a bus passenger or an occupant in another vehicle, you have the right to seek compensation against the parties at fault for the collision.

A Lawrence bus accident lawyer with our firm could protect your rights through an insurance claim or lawsuit. You could recover your financial losses with the aid of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer.

Potential Injuries Following a Bus Accident

Bus collisions create chaotic scenes, potentially involving many individuals who suffer severe or life-threatening injuries. Many factors may contribute to the severity of the crash, including the force of the accident, whether a bus overturns, and the dangers present in the immediate aftermath. Common injuries include:

  • Cuts and lacerations from broken glass
  • Soft tissue injuries from whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Burns from an exploded engine
  • Internal injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Rollovers, explosions, and secondary accidents following the initial impact may all lead to worst-case scenarios for the affected parties of the bus accident. Passengers, bystanders, and other travelers can be at risk as well.

Rights of Bus Accident Survivors

When a person survives a bus accident, they may end up with painful injuries that affect their ability to meet their daily obligations, such as work and family activities. As the person recovers, the medical bills, expenses, and financial burdens can become overwhelming. Following a public transit accident, an injured person may receive compensation for the following:

  • Income losses for the loss of current and future earnings if they develop a disability from the injuries
  • Medical expenses, including current and future medical-related costs
  • Pain and suffering for the physical and emotional trauma arising from the bus accident
  • Property damage if the person is also the driver of another vehicle in the bus accident

When a bus accident occurs due to the negligence of the bus driver or another driver, the affected individual can pursue damages against the parties at fault. A bus accident attorney in Lawrence could help determine the damages they should include in the civil suit.

Who Can Be Liable for a Bus Accident?

Determining liability for a bus accident may be more challenging than it seems. Bus drivers, bus companies, and other motorists could all play a part in the events leading up to a collision. Common scenarios leading to a common carrier accident may include:

  • A bus driver speeding on the roads or driving distracted
  • A bus driver suffering from fatigue due to long hours on the road
  • A driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Another motorist’s reckless driving behaviors
  • Failure to maintain or conduct routine inspection of bus components
  • Improper training, lack of experience, or faulty hiring practices

A Lawrence attorney understands the intricacies of these bus collisions and could investigate the events leading up to the crash, including who was responsible, and therefore who should be the target of a suit.

Call a Lawrence Bus Accident Attorney After a Crash

As a survivor of a bus accident, you can face a long road to recovery. One option is to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the party, or multiple parties, responsible. A Lawrence bus accident lawyer at McCready Law could help you from the first moments following the crash. We represent you through the claims process to ensure you file your claim against the appropriate parties and negotiate to reach the maximum settlement on your behalf. Call us to discuss your rights in a free case evaluation.