Sue Boltz has always lived in or near Chicago. She was born in Worth, and her family moved to Alsip where she has lived ever since. She caught the law bug as a senior in high school when a business law class she took as an elective included a field trip to the local courthouse. “Watching a trial,” Sue reminisces with a lilt in her voice, “sent me over the edge in wanting to do something associated with the law for the rest of my life. It was the most inspiring thing I had ever seen.”

Sue promptly applied to and attended Fox College where she earned her credentials as a legal assistant. She began her legal career immediately after graduation, starting out in a medium-sized downtown Chicago firm. Sue married, had a baby girl, and kept that job for 11 years. Finally, however, the commute just became too much. She needed more time for her family, and to keep up with neighborhood activities and high school and college friends.

Sue took a job at a local mall, but fortunately, that did not last long. She mentioned to one of her friends that she really was not fulfilled at work. That friend knew that there was an opening at McCready, Garcia & Leet and encouraged Sue to apply. The minute she stepped into the office, Sue had a feeling that her new job was going to be a lot better than what she had been doing. Two years after that, Sue’s sister Marilyn Miller joined the firm – icing on the cake.

Although her love of the law is strong, her devotion to family and community is even stronger. Sue spends much of her spare time participating in church and neighborhood activities. Many of these are centered around food, and there is a very good reason for this. Though she doesn’t brag about it, Sue is quite an accomplished chef. She loves to cook and bake. If someone at the office has a birthday, you can bet she’ll be bringing a cake to work.  Sue is the driving force behind our postings, “Sweet Desserts.”

On a larger scale, Sue participates in her church’s Community Meals program. When asked where she gets the recipes for her baked goods and meals, Sue did admit that she is a little creative, but pointed to vintage cookbooks as her main source. She collects these with a bit of a passion – she has a shelf-plus of desert cookbooks – and loves to share recipes.

Sue also loves kids. Her giving spirit in this area is a perfect match for what she does with her spare time. Not so much of a TV or movie buff, Sue loves to participate in numerous church- and neighborhood-sponsored events. Both she and her husband are quite active participants in the Vacation Bible school, “Trunk or Treat,” and numerous other ongoing weekly and seasonal activities. Sue does everything from registration and organization to serving as “security” while these events take place.

At work, around the neighborhood, and in the office, Sue is the woman to count on. Yet, she has a quiet sense of humor, which you can see by the little smile on her face. She likes to be prepared, look a bit on the bright side, and spreads a sense of order and calm everywhere she goes. Once everything is in place, Sue feels she can really do her job, which in her words, is “to help those who don’t know what to do or how to get what they need.” At Christmas, Sue helps with the Giving Tree. At all times, Sue is giving her best.