Cicero Side Impact Truck Collision Lawyer

Any kind of collision with a truck is going to have the potential for bodily harm. Among the worst kinds of crashes, however, are those that come from the side. A side impact crash from a large, fast-moving truck can easily become deadly. If your life has been turned upside down after one of these incidents, you need a quality truck accident attorney to help with your civil injury claim. You might have a chance at winning a monetary award with the aid of a Cicero side impact truck collision lawyer.

How is a Side Impact Collision Defined?

A side impact collision in a truck accident case is also known as a T-bone impact, because one car crashes perpendicular into the other, making a “T” shape. This is a decidedly different kind of accident from a head-on collision or a rear-end collision. When a large truck crashes into the side of a passenger car, the impact can be even more severe.

Most side impact collisions occur at intersections. When two vehicles are traveling in the same direction, a side impact is unlikely. However, intersections have vehicles traveling in different directions and this can frequently result in a T-bone accident if one driver ignores the red light or stop sign. It is critical that a Cicero T-bone truck accident attorney knows which vehicle was disobeying traffic rules in order to build a strong case for the plaintiff.

Common Injuries Associated with T-Bone Accidents

A side impact collision typically results in injuries to the back and neck. These types of collisions impact the spine in a different way than front-end or rear-end crashes, coming from the side rather than the back. The arm and leg of a driver or passenger also takes the brunt of the impact if the truck hits it on that side.

What Should Someone do Immediately After the Crash?

Like any accident, an individual in a truck collision should check for the safety of all individuals in the accident scene and call for medical assistance if it is required. Next, the person should relocate their vehicle away from the road, if necessary, so that traffic can continue to move freely without creating a jam or threatening the safety of others. It is important to call the police and have them make a report of the accident. Photographs of the scene and of the vehicle damage can also be helpful in a side impact collision.

How to Build a Case for Compensation

It is important to speak to a local side impact truck crash lawyer as soon as possible after being hit. There are many steps a plaintiff must take in order to preserve their rights and their ability to win financial relief. An experienced legal professional is in the best position to assist in this matter. A lawyer could help with the investigation in order to collect evidence to use in a settlement negotiation or a trial. They could also be the designated communicator with the defendant’s insurance company and ensure that the process is fair.

In a side impact collision, the plaintiff must prove that the accident was the fault of the truck driver. If the plaintiff made the mistake of running a red light, they will likely be unable to recover compensation. Assuming the truck driver was found liable, the insurance company for the truck is responsible for compensating the plaintiff. Damages that are commonly seen in T-bone accidents include medical expenses, property damage, wages that were lost while the patient was recuperating, as well as compensation for the suffering they endured and the injury’s detrimental effect on their normal life.

Fight for Relief with a Cicero Side Impact Truck Collision Attorney

If another driver disobeyed traffic signals and crashed into you, it should not be your responsibility to pay for any injuries you sustained. You have the option of taking the liable party to court to get them to pay for your medical expenses, among other losses. Fortunately, your chances of success could increase if you work with a Cicero side impact truck collision lawyer. Call now to discuss your situation.