Cicero Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

All types of large trucks have the potential to be hazardous on the road but dump trucks in particular have a certain danger involved. Dump trucks have a bed attached to the truck itself, which can transport bulk materials such as dirt, rocks, or metal recycling used in local projects. In contrast, a semi-tractor trailer has the truck and the trailer as two separate pieces. If a truck spilled material onto the road and caused you injury, a skilled truck accident attorney could assist. You could increase your odds of successfully recovering a monetary award with the aid of a Cicero dump truck accident lawyer.

Common Causes of Dump Truck Accidents in Cicero

Crashes with dump trucks can occur in the same manner as with any other motor vehicle. However, there are a few circumstances that tend to be more common when dump trucks are involved. Drivers are responsible for securing their load, but it is not uncommon for part of the material which is being transported to fall off while the truck is in motion. Even a tiny amount of material falling off a truck, such as pebbles or dirt, can create a hazard for oncoming drivers.

Additionally, larger objects can fall off of dump trucks, resulting in a potentially major accident. It is important to take photographs of any debris after an accident to give to a nearby dump truck collision lawyer who could use it to prove liability.

What Can Increase the Odds of a Dump Truck Accident?

All truck drivers have a duty to ensure that their load is properly maintained. This includes spreading the load out in the container so as to avoid overloading any one side. If a driver fails to properly load the truck, it runs the risk of tipping over or falling back onto any people or cars behind it. This is particularly common when heavy materials are being transported.

Dump trucks are commonly present any time there is a construction project. Their job is to haul debris away and bring building material to the job site, such as cement or asphalt. The further away that the construction zone is from the materials pickup location is, the more time the truck will spend on the road, and thus the more opportunity there is for an accident.

What Damages Can Plaintiffs Seek After a Dump Truck Accident?

After a dump truck accident, an injured person can attempt to recover damages for their losses. The compensatory relief is divided into economic damages (such as medical bills or lost wages) and non-economic damages (emotional trauma, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, among others). Compensation for property is also available, including the car that was involved in the accident or any other personal property that suffered harm.

The bill for medical care is one of the main sources of compensation. If the dump truck is involved in an automobile accident, the injuries are typical of most car crashes but usually can be more severe because of the size disparity between the dump truck and the passenger vehicle. Fingers and arms can become entrapped in the material, for example. Also, dump trucks pose a significant risk of falling when the driver needs to cover the load. Finally, there can be mechanical difficulties with the truck itself, which can result in injury. A Cicero dump truck crash attorney could help a plaintiff account for all of the compensation they should ask for.

What Insurance Companies Are Responsible For

If a dump truck causes a crash and produces injuries, the company’s insurance will be responsible for several things. First, they will be responsible for repairing the damage to any of the vehicles in the accident. Whether it is a passenger car or the dump truck itself, the insurance company is responsible for fixing these vehicles. Second, it is common to see the hauled materials spill onto the roadway and the insurance company is also responsible for cleaning up any debris or spill caused by the crash.

Sometimes a dump truck will strike some municipal property, such as a telephone pole or a stop sign. If the accident is the truck’s fault, the insurance must repair this as well. Finally, if any of the individuals were injured from the truck crash, the insurance company must compensate the injured individuals for damages.

Retain the Services of a Cicero Dump Truck Accident Attorney

Dump trucks carry an extra risk when they are transporting materials and their drivers have an obligation to be cautious. If you were struck by one of these vehicles, or it accidently dropped its load and causes injury or property damage, you should consult with a Cicero dump truck accident lawyer. You should not have to bear the physical and economic burden alone.