Mistakes to Avoid After a Cicero Truck Accident

Filing a claim after suffering injury in an auto collision must be done with care. However, some people hinder their chance at recovery because of easy mistakes that they make in the aftermath of a crash. There are a number of mistakes to avoid after a Cicero truck accident. Fortunately, a dedicated truck accident attorney could help you navigate these obstacles in such a way that puts you in a good position to make a financial recovery.

Admitting Fault at the Accident Scene

Following a truck accident, it is important not to admit fault. While someone may feel that it was their fault, the facts could prove otherwise. Admitting fault is an admission which can be used in court. At the scene of the accident, it is premature to diagnose the cause or fault of the accident, and it is best to allow a lawyer to document the claim. By admitting fault at the scene, a person can damage their chances of a full recovery.

Why is it a Mistake to Refuse Medical Treatment?

Following an accident with a truck, it is always advisable to seek immediate medical attention. Many people do not realize that they are injured at the scene because it may take time for the symptoms to develop. In the immediate aftermath of a crash, it is common to have adrenaline and not realize the extent of their injuries. Failure to seek prompt medical attention can have an adverse effect on one’s ability to recover damages, which makes this one of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a local truck collision.

Treatment Gaps

Although an accident may have been the result of negligent truck driving, it is still important to prove damages in order to make a recovery. In order to prove damages, it is essential to seek medical attention. An insurance company has no idea whether someone was injured or not, and evidence of medical treatment can weaken their plans to dismiss the claim. For this reason, it is important to follow all advice from a medical provider, and failure to follow a doctor’s advice can be used against someone in court. Finally, it is essential for their personal health and wellbeing to listen to any advice regarding treatment from a medical provider.

Giving Recorded Statements

It is never advisable to speak to an insurance adjuster prior to consulting with an attorney. Most will offer free consultations. An insurance adjuster will often want a recorded statement regarding how the accident occurred and any possible injuries. They are looking out for the interests of the trucking company and not the injured person. The adjuster may ask questions in such a way that may prompt the injured individual to give up information that hurts their case.

Accepting a Check

Some insurance companies will offer a small settlement immediately after an accident. A person might make the mistake of cashing this check from the insurance company despite not knowing the full extent of their losses. By doing so, they would be missing out on numerous potential damages. It is essential that they wait until they are fully recovered before even discussing the possibility of settling the case.

Is it a Mistake to Avoid Hiring a Lawyer?

There are many steps of investigation in a truck accident which a lawyer could be able to accomplish, notably dealing with the defense team. The trucker’s insurance company tends to be aggressive in contacting individuals who are involved in an accident. It is never advisable to speak to the insurance adjuster without consulting an attorney. The insurance adjuster is looking out for the financial best interests of the truck company and will do anything possible to minimize the potential exposure and possible payout. Choosing to end the negotiations early is one of the biggest mistakes people should avoid after a truck crash in Cicero.

Some people will try to settle their truck accident case themselves. Even after paying a lawyer a percentage of the recovery, the plaintiff will typically receive more money than they would have gotten if they try to handle the case themselves. Insurance adjusters like to take advantage of people who do not know the true value of their case, which is where a lawyer could assist.

Hire an Attorney to Learn the Mistakes to Avoid After a Cicero Truck Accident

Charismatic insurance adjusters and a lack of immediate physical pain can lull you into a false sense of security after being hit by a truck. However, the right lawyer could prepare you for these events and keep you on the right path. Call now to learn more about the numerous mistakes to avoid after a Cicero truck accident.