Cicero Bad Weather Truck Accident Lawyer

Illinois is often hit with severe weather, which can have a big impact on its roads and highways. Rain, snow, ice, and fog can all cause chaos if drivers are not careful. If you were in a crash with a tractor-trailer during a period of inclement weather, retain the services of a Cicero bad weather truck accident lawyer. A quality truck accident attorney could provide you with the resources to mount a strong case for damages.

How Are Large Trucks Vulnerable in Poor Weather?

Chicago is often hit by severe weather and trucks are susceptible to losing control when the road conditions are icy. As a result, truck drivers are under a duty to drive their vehicle in a safe manner, taking into consideration all weather conditions. In addition to snow and ice, trucks do not maintain the same maneuverability when the roads are wet with rain, although drivers are specifically trained to handle inclement weather. If they fail to do so, and cause an accident, this is considered negligence.

Semi-tractor trailer trucks do not handle in the same way as passenger vehicles. Because they have many more wheels and typically carry a trailer, trucks are more susceptible to accidents in inclement weather. A truck driver must be more careful when the weather conditions are dangerous, since a truck may be prone to hydroplaning on a wet or icy roadway. The braking system for trucks also differs than cars – which increases the chances of a jackknife incident. Finally, because of the weight of the truck and its cargo, there exists a potential for sliding and skidding, which is not found with passenger vehicles.

What Should Someone Do After an Accident In Bad Weather?

After an accident with a truck in severe weather conditions, there are several steps which one should take. First, they should check to see if anyone at the accident site is injured, and call for help if needed. Next, if the presence of the vehicles or any debris on the roadway is posing a hazard to other motorists, they should be moved immediately, if possible. In icy conditions, especially, there is a high risk of a pile-up as cars are unable to stop when they come across an accident site. Anytime someone is involved in an accident with a truck, it is important to call the police to make a report. They will attempt to obtain all the necessary information with regards to the driver, the truck company they work for, and the insurance that they have.

Once everyone is safe, it is wise to call a local bad weather truck collision attorney to begin preparing for a possible lawsuit. It is also advisable to take pictures at the scene. The plaintiff or any acquaintances can take pictures of property damage or markings left on the road from the crash, and the positions of the vehicles after they come to rest. All of these are important steps to take after a truck accident.

Assigning Fault in Truck Accidents

All truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner in light of the road conditions. However, passenger vehicles are also under the same responsibility. If a passenger vehicle fails to use reasonable care and collides with a truck, they may be held responsible for the accident.

Photographs and video can be persuasive evidence to prove that weather contributed to the crash. Because inclement weather will eventually pass, it is helpful to document what the actual conditions were. Additionally, it is essential to get a police report because the police officer should make mention of any weather-related causes of the accident. Finally, a poor weather truck accident lawyer in Cicero might be able to prove the case through official weather reports for that time and place.

Preventing Bad Weather Accidents

It is important for all drivers to use reasonable care to protect themselves from weather-related accidents. When the roadway is wet or icy, a driver should drive below the speed limit, especially if there is traffic. Passenger vehicles should leave enough distance between their car and the truck on the roadway. They should pay close attention to other vehicles to anticipate any potential danger.

Determine Liability with a Bad Weather Truck Accident Attorney

Even careful drivers can lose control of their vehicle when there is a snowstorm. Despite the poor conditions, everyone still has a duty to take reasonable care on the road. If your injuries were the result of a negligent truck driver, contact an attorney for help. A bad weather truck accident lawyer has the experience to guide you through this claim.