Cicero Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

There are numerous ways that truck accidents can occur on Illinois roads. While any collision with these large vehicles can be devastating, perhaps the most serious is when a truck rolls over on its side. In addition to the risk of being crushed by the large trailer, the overturned truck becomes a major hazard once it has flipped. If you were involved in this scenario, contact a Cicero rollover truck accident lawyer immediately. A dedicated truck accident attorney could help you identify the correct parties to sue for damages.

How is a Rollover Accident Defined?

A rollover accident is any accident in which the wheels of the truck leave the roadway, usually involving one or more instances of the vehicle flipping. It is still considered a rollover if the truck lands on its wheels in an upright position.

Many rollovers occur as a result of the driver not operating the truck with reasonable care, such as failing to load the cargo truck properly. If the cargo shifts in the truck, the weight can cause the truck to roll over as well. Different types of cargo require different loading techniques. However, regardless of how the load is placed on the trailer, the driver is still responsible for the safe passage of that cargo. These types of accidents are especially dangerous because if a truck tips over it could crush or slide into nearby vehicles or pedestrians.

What Makes Rollovers Different from Other Accidents?

Rollovers can occur with or without an impact on the truck itself. If there is no impact and the truck simply rolls over because of negligent driving, it poses a serious risk to other vehicles nearby. Another car may not be able to avoid striking the upturned truck.

The injuries from rollover truck accidents tend to be more serious than those involved with other types of accidents. A big risk associated with rollovers is that the vehicle will not be able to be moved off the road in an easy manner. It typically requires the use of a large tow truck to get back on its wheels. An accident of this kind might cause traffic to back up, which is especially dangerous if there are icy conditions and other drivers cannot decelerate in time. For this reason, it is critical to call for emergency help before calling a local rollover truck crash lawyer.

Safety and Preventative Measures

A tractor-truck driver has the legal obligation to drive with reasonable care but not all of them take that duty seriously. All other motorists should use caution when approaching these vehicles. If the truck appears to be driving in an unsafe manner, it is best to keep a safe distance behind it.

A rollover accident typically happens unexpectedly. While driving a passenger vehicle, a motorist must keep a reasonable lookout for all traffic around them. However, some accidents occur with such speed that it is impossible to avoid them. These situations may result from an impact between vehicles or an unseen obstacle, or weather conditions which make the accident unavoidable when a truck rolls over. Drivers should not drive directly next to a large tractor-trailer; instead, they should pass by it as quickly as possible, and resist driving in a potential blind spot.

How to Respond After a Rollover in Cicero

Like all accidents, someone involved in a rollover should take various steps after the accident occurs. First, an individual should check for the health and safety of all the people involved. Next, any vehicles should be relocated so that they no longer pose an additional safety risk. In a rollover, however, it is often impossible to relocate the overturned vehicle. This may result in additional hazards and traffic jams until the truck is removed.

An accident involving a tractor-trailer truck is not the same as one involving two passenger vehicles. There are many more complicated issues which arise because truck drivers are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as numerous state laws. They also typically have their employer working with them to defend against the claim. A Cicero rollover truck collision attorney could be in the best position to ensure that the correct parties are named and that the trucking company’s procedures are thoroughly investigated.

Retain the Services of a Cicero Rollover Truck Accident Attorney

Truck drivers have a duty to drive with caution while on public roads. While the environmental conditions can increase the odds of a bad accident, there is often blame on the part of the trucker or the company they work for. A Cicero rollover truck accident lawyer could help you make that determination. Call now for a free consultation.