Common Fact Patterns in Cicero Truck Accidents

Every motor vehicle accident is unique, whether it involves cars, buses, or trucks. However, there are a number of common fact patterns that are found in Cicero truck accidents which necessitate hiring a dependable truck accident attorney. You deserve an advocate who understands the unique challenges that come with filing a civil suit against a truck driver or their company.

What Are Some Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Most truck accidents can occur in ways similar to those involving passenger vehicles. For example, negligent driving, such as speeding or disregarding a traffic control device, are common causes for truck accidents. However, there are some characteristics which are unique to trucks. They have large blind spots where the driver cannot see other vehicles due to its length of its trailer or the cargo it is carrying. These trucks are governed by many rules and regulations.

In addition to the rules of the road, a particularly dangerous cause of truck accidents stems from driver fatigue. If a truck driver is on the road for a long period of time, fatigue may set in and the driver has less ability to react to dangerous situations. This is a common pattern in many local truck accidents.

Why Are Truck Injuries Usually More Severe?

The injuries in a truck accident tend to be much more serious than those involving smaller vehicles, due to the size and weight of a truck relative to an automobile. There will be a stronger impact than if it were two passenger cars, and that often leads to more serious injuries. That can include spinal cord damage, neck injuries, traumatic brain damage, in addition to broken bones and lacerations. If a car underrides a tractor-trailer (i.e. gets wedged underneath it) that runs the risk of accidental death.

Reasons Why Someone Should Hire and Attorney

It is important to contact a legal professional as soon as possible after an accident. Some of the most important decisions in a case are made in the initial phase, such as ensuring that an injured person receives the right medical treatment, and stopping the defendant’s insurance company from taking advantage of an unrepresented individual. A lawyer could also be in the best position to gather evidence and communicate with the insurance adjusters who provide coverage for the trucking company.

Because many personal injury lawyers do not charge an upfront fee, it will not cost a claimant anything to hire representation on the outset. Many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they will charge a percentage of the final recovery with no money required upfront. Finally, a lawyer could handle the legal battle while the plaintiff recovers at home without added stress.

The Unique Aspects of Truck Claims

The most important thing for someone to keep in mind is that a truck accident claim is not the same as a car accident claim. Although there are many overlapping features, a truck accident is significantly more complex to litigate, and a lawyer should adjust their plan accordingly. It is best to hire a lawyer who has experience in handling the many common features of Cicero truck collisions.

The dynamics of a truck accident are substantially different than those involving common automobiles because they often involve a driver who is on the clock for a company. This fact might require including the trucking company or other employees as defendants. In addition, there are a heavier set of regulations for truck drivers which a lawyer should investigate. The truck company also likely has a stronger and more experienced legal team on their side than an average passenger car motorist.

Learn the Common Fact Patterns in Cicero Truck Accidents from an Attorney

Truck collisions are more serious than the common car crash, and are more likely to cause catastrophic harm due to their size. Successfully recovering damages in these cases usually requires involving the company that owns the truck. The common fact patterns found in Cicero truck accidents mean that a lawyer knows what to look for and how to navigate the claim. Call now to learn what you might be able to recover in your case.