Cicero Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

When a person is driving, they have to use mirrors to see cars behind them and to their sides. Yet no matter how many mirrors there are, there will still be spots around the car which do not appear in the reflection. These are considered to be blind spots. Commercial trucks have blind spots as well, and they tend to be much larger, which increases the odds that an accident might happen. A trustworthy truck accident attorney could be of assistance in this situation.

If you wish to initiate a claim for damages, you should team up with a Cicero blind spot truck accident lawyer who could help determine if the truck driver or their employer was at fault for causing your injuries.

When Do Blind Spot Collisions Happen?

Blind spot accidents commonly occur on multi-lane roads. A car could be traveling towards the rear of the trailer and not be visible to the truck driver. If the driver attempts to change lanes or turn, it is likely that they will hit the car. It is important for a truck driver to constantly monitor the traffic around them to ensure no accidents occur.

If a truck is carrying a large container or other object, that will limit the driver’s vision even further. These blind spots can result in accidents if the truck driver does not realize there is a vehicle near them. Other motorists should take care to avoid these hazards and speak to a local blind spot truck crash lawyer if they believe the at-fault driver was acting negligently.

These incidents can happen even at low speeds. When a truck is backing into a loading bay, they may be unable to see if they are lining up with the loading door. For this reason, it is common to have another individual act as a spotter so that the driver does not inadvertently hit anything.

Where Are a Truck’s Blind Spots?

The size and the shape of the truck will dictate where the blind spots are on that vehicle. Some common blind spots are immediately in front where the grill is located, because the driver sits up high and cannot see over their hood. There are also two blind spots to the right and the left of the truck.

If the truck driver looks out the driver’s side window, they will see a significant portion of the trailer and the surrounding traffic. Toward the end of the trailer is a blind spot which the mirror does not cover. That blind spot is even larger on the passenger side due to the angle at which the driver is sitting.

Finally, there is a blind spot immediately behind the truck. There are no mirrors that can see what is immediately behind the truck, which is why motorists should give plenty of space if they are behind a tractor-trailer.

The Negligence of the Other Motorist

Many trucking companies have put warnings on their vehicles to signal to passenger cars where the blind spot is. While this can help keep the road safer, it does not absolve the truck driver from all responsibility. For liability purposes, the truck driver will likely argue that the accident was partially the plaintiff’s fault for not paying attention and driving in the blind spot.

Illinois follows the doctrine of comparative fault: if the accident was more than 50 percent the fault of the plaintiff, then there will be no recovery. A blind spot trucker accident attorney in Cicero could help a plaintiff determine if they bore any fault for their injuries.

Frequent Damage in Blind Spot Accidents

The damage that results from blind spot accidents involving trucks can vary widely. If a truck is changing lanes, then the passenger vehicle could be able to alert the truck driver or take other evasive actions, leaving only some minor scrapes on the car. However, a truck which strikes a car can also lead to severe multi-car accidents on the freeway. Blind spot accidents typically occur at high rates of speed, with both cars sometimes losing control. In certain situations, the smaller vehicle might underride the larger trailer, which could potentially result in a wrongful death case.

Seek Justice with a Cicero Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney

The size and weight of commercial trucks means that the potential injuries could be even more severe. All motorists must take caution when in the vicinity of these tractor-trailers to avoid a collision. Schedule a free consultation with a Cicero blind spot truck accident lawyer and learn what might be possible in your case.