Cicero Intoxicated Truck Driver Accident Lawyer

Driving on public roads while drunk is a serious offense that comes with legal consequences. When a person is driving a truck, then the potential for danger increases dramatically. There are substances beyond alcohol that are also banned for drivers, and an inquisitive truck accident attorney could determine if any of these played a part in a wreck.

A Cicero intoxicated truck driver accident lawyer could help you file a claim for damages after someone’s recklessness caused you bodily harm.

The Severity of Intoxicated Driving

The trucking industry has taken steps to prevent intoxicated drivers from operating trucks. The penalties are severe enough that few truckers would consider drinking on the job. A conviction for drunk driving will likely result in a complete lifetime ban from trucking, and no trucking company will be willing to take the risk on someone with that history. The penalties are also more severe than driving while intoxicated in a passenger vehicle.

The acceptable level of alcohol in the blood of a truck driver is lower than that for a driver of a passenger car. The trucking industry and the government have decided that the danger is so high with these large vehicles that there is no place for alcohol while driving such a large vehicle. A local intoxicated truck driver attorney could help clarify what a driver’s blood alcohol level was after a crash.

What Substances Are Often Consumed Besides Alcohol?

While alcohol has been under control in the industry for many years, truck drivers continue to use other substances. Legal substances such as caffeine and coffee are common since drivers can become fatigued and want to drink something that will get them focused. There are also illegal substances that truck drivers sometimes take advantage of, such as amphetamines and cocaine.

With many states legalizing recreational marijuana, it is not uncommon for a truck driver to be under the influence of marijuana while on the job. None of these substances are condoned by the trucking industry and drivers should refrain from all of them. Proof that they have consumed one of these substances might increase their degree of fault for an accident.

Because truck drivers have such physical demands for driving long distances, they often look to substances for assistance. Truck stops provide a wide variety of energy drinks, coffees, caffeine supplements, and other stimulants for drivers to consume in order to fight off fatigue.

The Impact of a DUI on a Trucker’s License

Truck drivers have a special type of license called a commercial driver’s license (CDL). That CDL license would be revoked after being caught drinking, prohibiting the driver from driving those vehicles in the future. If a truck driver receives a DUI, even while driving their private passenger vehicle, it will have an effect on their CDL license. If there are any problems with the CDL, a person will not be allowed to drive their truck professionally.

While the penalties are largely the same between a standard driver’s DUI and a truck driver’s DUI, the judge has discretion to sentence an individual within a range of punishments. A truck driver who receives a DUI will likely receive a much harsher sentence than someone who received a DUI in a passenger vehicle.

How Does a DUI Affect a Truck Driver’s Future Employment?

It will be nearly impossible for a truck driver to obtain employment after having a DUI on their record while driving a truck. Even having a DUI in their personal capacity, outside of work, can be problematic. The trucking industry has zero tolerance for this type of behavior. This is to protect public safety and also to prevent the company from being held liable for hiring a driver with a known history of DUI. A trucking accident lawyer in Cicero could investigate whether a company knowingly hired someone with a DUI record.

Reach Out to an Attorney if You Were in an Accident with an Intoxicated Truck Driver

There are heavy regulations placed on truck drivers to operate their vehicles safely. This includes rules about consuming substances that might affect their driving capabilities. If you were struck by a negligent driver who consumed alcohol or drugs, you have the right to file a lawsuit. Discuss your situation with a Cicero intoxicated truck driver accident lawyer and seek the relief that you need.