Chesterton Commercial Property Liability Lawyer

When you are hurt in an accident at a business, such as a spa, athletic center, or museum, you may sustain physical, emotional, and financial harm and be entitled to a settlement. Personal injury laws cannot erase your pain or discomfort; however, they could present an opportunity for you to decry wrongdoing and recoup compensation from the at-fault institution. Taking this step could be a critical moment for you, and you could help set yourself up for success by finding a premises liability attorney to assist you.

At our firm, we truly value the uniqueness of each one of our clients, and we take the time to get to know them so we can respond to their legal concerns appropriately. You work with a Chesterton commercial property liability lawyer who could demystify the unfamiliar court process and stand up for you during negotiations. Additionally, we could leverage our valuable time, training, and personalized service to inform and empower you.

Situations Where a Patron May Sustain Harm

Many circumstances and factors can lead to a consumer sustaining an injury. For example, a busy shopper could lose their footing because of a crumpled carpet in the entryway of an antique store. As a result, the person may crack their ribs and cut their hands and arms on a shattered display case as they fall.

Additionally, someone walking to the bathroom at a restaurant, pub, or local burger joint may slip on spilled grease or water on the floor. They might hit their head on a wall or table nearby, and sustain a serious concussion. Or, a guest at an ice cream eatery might get food poisoning or experience a life-threatening allergic reaction because the servers did not properly warn them of potentially problematic ingredients (such as nuts).

Moreover, a patron at an athletic center is also at risk of contracting a dangerous infection because of improperly sanitized equipment. In any of these scenarios, the person may qualify for restitution if they can establish that the business made a mistake (such as not monitoring or guarding unattended spills). A Chesterton attorney who regularly files commercial liability lawsuits against business owners could help a person understand and safeguard their rights.

When Is an Organization Liable for a Customer’s Injuries?

Those who are hurt while at a place of business may qualify to sue the owner for causing them harm. The requirements that someone must meet to have a potential legal claim depend on the unique circumstances. Part of this involves proving the proprietor (e.g., an employee, manager, or attendant) was negligent and the injured person filed their lawsuit on time.

An institution is responsible for taking reasonable steps to maintain its land and the structures on it. In addition, they may need to warn a customer about potential hazards that the patron may not know about or be able to see on their own. When an agency fails to take these steps and a guest gets hurt, the establishment may be liable.

Additionally, the person needs to submit their legal claim before the window closes. The specific filing deadline depends on the person’s allegations against the company; however, Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4 requires many (but not all) plaintiffs to take this step within two years after the incident. Because of the nuanced rules around bringing a commercial property liability claim, a person in Chesterton should work with an experienced lawyer to help them with this task.

Call a Chesterton Attorney After an Injury on Commercial Property

Under the law, your situation may give you a chance to seek a settlement to cover your unexpected losses. Should you win your lawsuit, you may receive a much-needed financial package to pay for medical bills and make up for your lost wages during the recovery process.

Our firm fiercely defends the rights of the injured and would welcome the opportunity to champion your cause on your behalf. Reach out to a Chesterton commercial property liability lawyer on our team to schedule an initial consultation.