Orland Park Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns may be among the most painful and potentially dangerous injuries that an individual may suffer. A Burn could commonly lead to additional medical complications such as infections, disfigurement, and impairment, which may require extensive reconstructive surgeries and long-term care.

An accident that causes a burn could occur due to negligence, carelessness, or even an intentional act by another person. In such a case, you may benefit from contacting an Orland Park burn injury lawyer. A dedicated personal injury attorney with experience in these types of cases could help you understand your rights, file a personal injury case against the responsible parties, and reach a favorable claim.

How Do Burns Occur?

Burns are often a consequence or result of other incidents, such as motor vehicle accidents, fires, industrial accidents, and malfunctioning electrical appliances. Common sources of burns may include:

  • Thermal burns from heat, flames, steam, and hot liquids
  • Radiation burns from contact with nuclear materials
  • Chemical burns

While a burn may result due to various reasons, burn injuries are classified based on how severe they are in terms of bodily damage caused. First-degree burns are the least serious and third-degree burns are the most serious.

Sustaining a third-degree burn could destroy a person’s first and second layers of skin, and may even cause death. Such an extensive injury may damage nerve endings in the affected areas and cause extreme pain. If a burn is severe enough, a person may require a surgery such as a skin graft to fully heal.

Statute of Limitations for Claims

Most states, Illinois included, have statutes of limitations for many types of lawsuits, including civil personal injury claims. These statutes place a deadline on when potential claimants may file their case. A dedicated burn injury lawyer in Orland Park may be able to help an injured person understand how this deadline applies in their individual situation.

Plaintiffs must file a claim within two years from the date of their injuries in which to file, per 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes §5/13-204. While exceptions may be made to this statute, those who do not file within the designated time frame may lose their ability to bring any claim arising from their injuries.

Comparative Fault in Injury Cases

Since burns occur in many different types of accidents, it may be possible for an individual to hold some fault for their injury. Illinois does not prevent those with some degree of fault for an accident that injured them from recovering for their damages.

If a plaintiff is less than 51 percent liable for their accident, then those who hold greater liability may still be found negligent and be required to pay compensation. A burn injury lawyer in Orland Park could help an injured person quantify damages, such as medical bills or pain and suffering, before filing.

Injured parties who bear some fault themselves may be unable to recover the full amount of damages awarded. Their compensation would be generally reduced by the plaintiff’s fault percentage. If a jury finds a plaintiff 15 percent at fault for the accident in question, then any damages awarded would be reduced by 15 percent.

How an Orland Park Burn Injury Attorney Could Help

While persons suffering from burn injuries should focus their time and energy on recovering from their injury, growing medical bills and confusing insurance claims may provide additional stress and worry. Seeking legal guidance from an Orland Park burn injury lawyer could provide peace of mind and allow you to prioritize healing.

Once you have received medical treatment, it may be beneficial to reach out to an attorney to start exploring your legal options. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss what events led to your burn injury, the damages sustained as a result of the injury, and how you could begin the process of recovering.