Calculating Oak Lawn Car Accident Settlements

There is no specific formula for calculating the value of a car wreck case. Factors such as how the accident occurred, medical treatment, and medical bills are significant considerations when determining the value of the damages. Ultimately, the value of the case is what a jury awards a person based on the facts. Lawyers and insurance companies have the expertise to know what juries awarded in similar cases and use this knowledge when estimating the damages. If you are planning on filing a car collision claim, you may want to contact an accomplished lawyer who is experienced in calculating Oak Lawn car accident settlements. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Contributory Negligence

Facts that suggest the injured person is partially at fault can affect the amount of the car settlement. A jury can take into consideration whether the accident was partially the fault of the plaintiff. When the plaintiff is partially at fault for the accident, it is called contributory negligence. For example, in a trip and fall case, a jury may find the plaintiff was 25 percent at fault for not paying attention to where they were walking and the damages awarded is reduced by 25 percent. Therefore, if the total damages were calculated to be $10,000 then the plaintiff would instead receive $7,500.

Determining the Value of the Settlement

A well-established personal injury lawyer brings their experience and expertise for calculating Oak Lawn car accident settlements. An attorney must know the insurance companies, the adjusters, the insurance lawyers, and must be familiar with the results of other jury trials. Persuasively presenting the injured person’s case to the judge and jury affects the amount of the settlement the lawyer receives for the plaintiff.

Steps to Ensure a Settlement is Received in a Timely Manner

To ensure a prompt settlement, the person should be sure they hire a lawyer experienced in personal injury cases. They should read reviews of that lawyer to choose someone who is qualified to handle a car accident case. A person should never feel guilty about calling the lawyer regarding the status of their case if they are not kept informed of the progress of their case. When a person’s lawyer does what is needed to process their case, there is nothing the person can do to expedite the settlement process.

How an Oak Lawn Car Wreck Lawyer Could Help

A dedicated attorney could help someone get a higher settlement and in a faster time than if a person chose to manage their own case. It is important to know that an insurance company is always willing to offer a fast, lowball settlement. When a person decides to settle their case, they should make sure they get the full value they are entitled to under the law. An insurance adjuster does not volunteer to explain what they are legally entitled to receive.

A seasoned lawyer will keep your best interests in mind when calculating Oak Lawn car accident settlements. Call today to schedule a consultation with a legal professional to see how an attorney could assist.