Sitting down with Ricardo for an afternoon is much like appreciating a beautifully hand-crafted beverage – you simply just want more. He is way beyond wise for his young years and appears way ahead of the bell-curve. In his present position as Case Manager, Ricardo lends his charisma and very well-aligned moral compass. He serves as a communication medium and helps our clients understand what is happening with respect to their own personal cases and what to expect next.

The one thing we know for sure is that in some way or another, our ability to help others is often fueled by powerful personal experiences. In Ricardo’s case, he has much to draw from in this regard. Everything about him, from his favorite book “100 Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, to his appreciation of visiting the famed Chicago Art Institute, seems to arise from a very authentic and empathetic place. Our firm is excited to have someone with the ability to resonate with our clients and assist in the compassionate manner that he does.

Not always interested in the law, Ricardo at one time, sought to become a writer for independent style magazines. He actually developed his own publication and was self-represented as an artist and writer. Together with friends, he also maintained a private gallery space where they hosted an underground art scene. Even his background is unconventional to most of us. Ricardo comes from a long lineage of professional butchers. His Grandfather supported 12 children with his passionate expression of his butchering craft. He speaks on how relevant his Grandfather’s efforts were on his life as he was able to expand and achieve great success that continues to this day to live past him.

No doubt, he cites his Grandfather as his hero and guide in life. Of unique interest, Ricardo did suffer a tragedy from which he admits changed his outlook on life. His lifetime best friend/brother and celebrated journalist, James Foley, was publicly executed by Isis during the course of his investigative endeavors overseas. He speaks of his friend with such admiration for standing before real fear. It is no wonder that he says the one thing he will tell his young daughter over and over is, “Don’t be afraid of things.”

The ability to take a tragic event and extract such poignant beauty says so much about this young man’s resiliency and positive character. It is without a doubt, an event that contributed to Ricardo’s prophetic and mindful nature. Our firm values these attributes tremendously. However, on a lighter note, we stay poised in case a cartoon publication surfaces depicting Quentin Tarantino (his favorite movie producer) styled images from our firm – then we know from which the inspiration was born. Either way, we will take it!