Hazel Crest Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

In the past, workplace safety was a large area of concern. Many people suffered illnesses and injuries because of hazardous working conditions. Fortunately, federal, state, and local governments have enacted numerous rules and regulations to monitor and improve workplace safety. As a result, fewer serious on-the-job injuries occur today. However, even with greater workplace protections, some people today still suffer severe injuries due to their jobs.

In addition to being painful, workplace accidents can be worrisome. Although you could be eligible for benefits to cover your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages, workers’ compensation claims are complicated. Working with a Hazel Crest workers’ compensation lawyer could make the process easy. A skilled personal injury attorney could guide you through the complex process to get you the benefits you need and eliminate any stress.

How Do Workers’ Compensation Claims Work in Hazel Crest?

Generally, when people suffer unexpected injuries, their only recourse is to file a lawsuit with the hope of obtaining enough money to cover their losses. To prevail in this civil claim, the injured person would need to prove that another person or company’s actions caused their injury through negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct.

However, when that injury occurs at work or because of an individual’s job duties, a different set of guidelines apply. Instead of having to file a tedious legal claim and search for the necessary evidence to prove how another person was at fault for their injury, an injured worker can pursue recovery through Hazel Crest’s workers’ compensation benefits.

Advantages of Workers Comp Claims

One of the advantages of workers’ compensation claims is that they are considered no-fault claims, meaning there is no requirement to prove liability. An injured Hazel Crest worker does not need to prove that their employer did anything wrong to file a claim. In fact, an employee can usually still recover workers’ compensation benefits even if the employee was actually responsible for their own injury.

Disadvantages of Workers Comp Claims

One potential disadvantage of workers’ compensation claims is that they are generally exclusive. In most circumstances, an injured worker cannot simultaneously pursue recovery of workers’ comp benefits while also suing their employer.

Third-Party Claims

Even though workers cannot sue their employers, they can pursue third-party claims against other people who played a role in their injury. Often, workers injured on the job can sue subcontractors, independent contractors, or other motorists.

Injured workers must follow precise procedural guidelines and comply with strict time limitations if they want to receive workers’ comp benefits. An experienced Hazel Crest workers’ comp attorney could help individuals adhere to those regulations to help get them the benefits they need to recover.

Types of Workers’ Comp Claims

Anytime a worker suffers an injury or illness because of their job duties, they could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Frequently, employees file workers’ comp claims after any of the following situations occur:

Employers might try to deny or delay coverage by claiming that the injury occurred outside of the worker’s job duties. Hard-working, local attorneys have extensive experience fighting back against employers who try to deny workers their rightful benefits. Reaching out to a Hazel Crest workers’ compensation lawyer could be the key to a successful claim.

Connect with a Hazel Crest Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Recovering from a workplace injury can be a grueling process. In addition to coping with the physical pain, numerous doctor’s appointments, and rehabilitation, you might also have to worry about missing out on your paychecks. Fortunately, workers in Hazel Crest have access to recover any reasonable medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages through workers’ compensation claims.

A tenacious Hazel Crest workers’ compensation lawyer could meet with you to discuss what benefits you might be eligible to receive, and then fight to get you everything you deserve. Connect with a knowledgeable attorney today.