Hazel Crest Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial trucking is essential to the functioning of the modern economy, both in Illinois and throughout the United States. Even with specialized training and years of experience, though, truck drivers can be just as prone to auto accidents as people in commuter cars—and unfortunately, truck crashes often result in much more severe injuries.

Following an accident involving a commercial vehicle of any kind, you may have a variety of injuries and losses to contend with. Instead of trying to wade through the civil litigation process yourself, consider seeking assistance from a Hazel Crest truck accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney could help you understand how state law addresses this kind of accident, take stock of all your recoverable damages, and effectively seek compensation both in and out of court.

Who Could Be Held Liable for a Truck Crash?

In a typical auto accident between two commuter cars, it is often very easy to establish which party acted in a legally negligent way and directly caused the crash as a result. In some truck accident cases, the process follows roughly the same path—if a plaintiff can prove that a truck driver was intoxicated, irresponsibly fatigued, violated traffic laws, or was reckless or careless in some other way, they could be the primary defendant in an ensuing civil case.

However, many truck drivers are employees of larger trucking companies, which may bear some liability themselves. Depending on the circumstances, a truck driver’s employer could bear vicarious liability for the negligent actions of their employee, or they could have been directly negligent—for instance, by forcing their drivers to violate federal regulations regarding time spent driving and mandatory rest periods.

In other cases, a mechanic who improperly serviced a truck or a subsidiary company that loaded the truck in an unsafe manner could bear partial or full liability. A knowledgeable Hazel Crest truck crash attorney could help an individual plaintiff determine which parties their case should focus on.

Recovering for Damages in Hazel Crest

Once a truck accident victim in Hazel Crest has identified the party or parties liable for causing their injuries, they or their lawyer could pursue compensation from them for any and all damages directly stemming from the incident in question. Almost all truck wreck cases center around recovery for medical costs, including long-term physical therapy and pharmaceutical needs, but other recoverable damages may include lost work wages, loss of quality of life, loss of ability to earn an income in the future, and general pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, given the size and weight of commercial trucks, many accidents involving these vehicles have fatal consequences for their victims. Anyone who lost a loved one in a truck crash may be able to file suit for damages related to their loss, which may include costs for medical care prior to the decedent’s death, funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and loss of future financial support.

Contact a Hazel Crest Truck Accident Attorney Today

Tractor-trailers and moving vans may be crucial to the nation’s infrastructure, but they can also be extremely dangerous if not operated responsibly. If you were harmed because of a truck driver or trucking company’s reckless actions, recovering compensation for the damages you incurred as a result is far from impossible.

You do not have to go up against big transport companies or their insurance representatives alone. Get in touch with a Hazel Crest truck accident lawyer today to find out how they could help your case.