Calumet City Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Side-impact or T-bone, motor vehicle collisions typically occur at traffic intersections. Motor vehicle drivers must follow all traffic control devices, signs, and signals at these intersections. When they fail to do so, and a motor vehicle collision occurs, the negligent drivers could be responsible for all of the resulting injuries and damages that ensue.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a side-impact motor vehicle collision, you might be entitled to pursue legal compensation. A Calumet City side-impact car accident lawyer could begin an investigation into your accident case and may be able to represent you in court. Individuals should speak to an experienced car collision attorney to learn how they may be eligible for compensation.

Negligence that Leads to Side-Impact Collisions

The primary cause of most side-impact motor vehicle collisions is negligence on the part of another driver. A driver could be considered negligent if they:

  • Fails to yield the right-of-way or follow other rules of the road
  • Drive too fast for the weather or traffic conditions
  • Fatigued driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted or impaired driving

In any of these instances, the accident victim could have a viable claim for negligence against another party. A dedicated Calumet City side-impact car accident attorney could gather evidence, and speak to witnesses to prove negligence in court.

Recovering Compensation

In addition to causing severe property damage, a side-impact collision could result in serious injuries. In the worst cases, the impact may be so forceful that the accident victim’s vehicle overturns. As a result of the collision, the injured claimant could sustain soft tissue injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, organ damage, and even death.

To recover compensation for damages, the plaintiff’s attorney must prove that the injuries sustained occurred due to the accident. In other words, the crash must be the primary cause of the injury or injuries which the accident victim sustains. In some instances, a healthcare provider may need to offer testimony at trial to establish this causal relationship on the accident victim’s behalf.

In the event the injuries are directly related to the side-impact collision, the accident victim could pursue compensation for their medical costs, and lost wages. Injured individuals may also be able to recover compensation for non-economic damages for losses such as mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and inconvenience that resulted from the accident.

Proving damages in a side-impact motor vehicle collision case could be difficult, especially when dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. A side-impact collision lawyer in Calumet City might be able to assist the injured claimant with satisfying their burden of proof.

Talk to a Calumet City Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

A forceful side-impact collision could result in lengthy medical treatment, hospital stays, and long-term rehabilitation. The financial strain that an accident could have on an injured individual and their family could be tremendous. Let a Calumet City side-impact car accident lawyer help you seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

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