Swimming Pool Accidents in Indianapolis

When you sustain a shattered jaw, concussion, or other type of harm while in the water, you may be eligible to recoup your losses by taking advantage of personal injury laws. By filing a lawsuit, you could open the door to potentially recovering much-needed funds to pay for medical treatment and acknowledge your pain in the wake of the harmful event.

Our legal team has championed the interests of many plaintiffs of swimming pool accidents in Indianapolis. A compassionate premises liability attorney could meet with you to discuss your situation, understand your priorities, and develop a possible plan for what happens next.

Causes of Incidents Involving Pools, Hot Tubs, and Cold Plunges

Unfortunately, when the owner or fellow patrons of a swimming pool make mistakes, it can lead to extensive harm. Depending on the situation, this may lead to the person fracturing their wrist, spraining their ankle, or acquiring a debilitating traumatic brain injury.

For example, the person who operates the pool might not maintain it properly, allowing the ladder and diving board to become dangerously loose. As a result, an unsuspecting swimmer could hit their head break an arm. Likewise, a negligent owner might not correctly sanitize the water, allowing unsafe levels of bacteria to fester and infect someone.

Another injuring circumstance involving an Indianapolis swimming pool is when the venue does not have emergency aid equipment or a trained lifeguard on duty when they should. This could prevent someone from accessing the lifesaving help they need when they are at risk of drowning. After an accident, an attorney could counsel a person and their family, clarifying their legal rights and helping assert those in the proper channels. inner pool

What Is the Deadline To Sue Someone for a Pool-Related Injury?

When someone is hurt while swimming, they may qualify to sue the pool’s owner or a fellow patron if they can prove they made a mistake that caused the incident. For example, a person may have a claim if they acquired a severe infection because the hotel they were staying at did not exercise proper sanitation protocols. The state’s personal injury laws require the individual to take legal action within a certain amount of time, called the statute of limitations.

In situations involving physical harm, as Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4 explains, a person may have to assert their legal claim within two years after the incident occurs. There are some exceptions to this rule, which may allow more time than this. For example, a child may have two years starting from their 18th birthday.

For those wishing to sue the state, IN Code § 34-13-3-6 gives a different deadline and additional requirements to follow. As part of this, the individual may need to submit a special notice to the attorney general within 270 days after the incident. A qualified Indianapolis swimming pool injury attorney could help guide a person on what to do next.

Call a Lawyer for Help After a Swimming Pool Accident in Indianapolis

When a negligent individual or business makes a mistake that costs you, you may be able to hold them accountable in court or through aggressive settlement negotiations. Instead of taking on this responsibility alone, consider partnering with a reputable law firm you can trust.

Many casualties of swimming pool accidents in Indianapolis, and their loved ones, have looked to an attorney at our firm for help when they needed it most. We understand that you may be feeling financial strain because of your experience, and we could help you forge a path to pursue a fair resolution. Connect with someone to schedule an initial consultation and learn how we could help.