Wet Floor Accidents in Indianapolis

Slipping on a wet floor can be a jarring experience. Sometimes, it is merely embarrassing, but other times, it leads to major trauma. What seems like an ordinary accident could have serious consequences if you fall on your head or break a bone. However, slippery floors are avoidable hazards, and when someone is hurt on one, they likely deserve compensation from the property owner due to premises liability.

Our personal injury lawyers could help those hurt by wet floor accidents in Indianapolis receive compensation for their injuries. Call us and learn what damages may be available and how you could recover them.

Causes of Wet Floors

Whether it is a puddle lingering for hours, or a brand-new spill, whoever is in charge of the floor has a reasonable duty to keep the floor dry. Business owners, schools, governments, and even private individuals have this duty. When there is a spill or leak, they must quickly clean it up and take steps to prevent it from happening again.

  • Grocery stores: liquid spills, freshly mopped floors, and produce create wet floor hazards.
  • Entryways in rainy and snowy weather: not keeping up with snowy boots and wet umbrellas is a major hazard.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes: people in crisis or in medical need should be safe when entering or exiting.
  • Bars and restaurants: the floor should be clean, especially if patrons have been drinking and do not see an obvious spill.
  • Workplaces working with liquids: anything from cleaning floors to plumbing to painting can make wet floors possible.

Even homeowners or renters in Indianapolis have a duty of care to make sure their guests do not slip on wet floors.

Potential Injuries

Some people fall and do not suffer any kind of harm, but that is not always the case. Wet floors can cause muscle and soft tissue damage, broken bones or teeth, major bruising, spinal damage, and head injuries. These accidents are more likely to cause serious harm to older people, as they are six times more likely to end up in the emergency room due to a slip and fall than a younger person.

Even if a person could have seen the slippery floor, it does not mean they assumed the risk: an injured person may not have known the extent of the spill or what liquid it was; or they might have had no choice but to walk on the wet floor, especially if it was at work.

Learn More About Wet Floor Accident Claims From Our Indianapolis Attorneys

Insurance companies offer businesses premises liability coverage, which pays out if someone is hurt on the business property. However, insurance companies are not charities, and their job is to doubt the seriousness of wet floor accident claims in Indianapolis. An attorney can help someone get compensation for their injuries and losses.

You will need to act quickly to file a claim – two years in most cases, but you may only have 6 or 9 months if the defendant is a municipal entity like the state or the government of Indianapolis itself.

Call the McCready Law Firm and learn how we could provide legal counsel and help construct a claim for financial compensation.