Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Cicero

Motorcycle crashes are not uncommon but in certain cases they can lead to a loss of life. You might be uncertain about what to do after losing a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident in Cicero. You should not have to worry about this alone – speak with our experienced wrongful death attorney to determine your next steps.

In 2019, our firm was contacted by the family of Jacob, who reached out to us after a catastrophic motorcycle crash that took Jacob’s life. Jacob was involved in a 3-car collision and sustained serious injuries, before passing away shortly after. Working with his family, our firm fiercely fought to recover damages against the responsible parties. Our firm is committed to advocating for justice in these scenarios and ensuring that a firm precedent is set against drivers who cause fatal accidents.

Who Files Suit After a Fatal Motorbike Accident?

Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries, regardless of the fault of the parties. If a motorcycle accident in Cicero results in a fatality for the rider, that person’s surviving family can engage in a wrongful death claim.

In order to make a wrongful death recovery from a motorcycle accident, they must still prove negligence on behalf of the other driver. If there is no negligence, then there is no opportunity to recover damages. It is important to retain an experienced attorney in order to prove negligence. Determining exactly how an accident took place is the first step in making a recovery.

Safety Measures for Motorcycle Riders

Manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that their motorcycles are safe for reasonable operation. However, even the most careful manufacturer cannot prevent all accidents. Unfortunately, most motorcycle accidents result from operator error, either from the motorcycle rider or on another vehicle. On a rare occasion, there may be a defect with the motorcycle, which contributes to the accident.

One of the most important safety measures to prevent a fatality (or a serious brain injury) is the helmet. While the law does not require a motorcycle rider to wear a helmet, they will still save lives. In a motorcycle crash, a rider is much more likely to survive if they are wearing a helmet.

While drivers of cars and trucks could be killed in a crash, it is much more common that the person riding the motorcycle was the fatality. Given the differing size of the vehicles involved, as well as the protection differences between a motorcycle and a car, it is not surprising that motorcycle riders tend to end up with more serious injuries, no matter how safe they and their motorcycle are.

Getting Compensation for Surviving Families

Almost all motorcycle accidents are between individuals. On rare occasions, there may be a defect with the motorcycle, a part of the motorcycle, or even the car, which may lead to another lawsuit for wrongful death. An experienced lawyer could examine all aspects of the case to determine whether there may be other responsible parties.

Following a fatal motorcycle accident in Cicero, the surviving family members are entitled to certain damages. First, they are entitled to any medical expenses incurred by the motorcycle rider after the accident. They are also entitled to seek lost wages and may recover expenses for funeral and burial. Finally, the family members are entitled to compensation for grief and sorrow, as well as loss of companionship. It is important to work with a lawyer who could assist in putting together a persuasive argument for these non-economic damages.

Work with a Cicero Attorney After a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Although your loved one may not be here anymore, that does not mean you can’t file a claim for damages on their behalf. If someone else was negligent in causing a fatal motorcycle accident in Cicero, they should pay for your losses. Reach out to us today for a private consultation.