Benefits of a Lawyer in a Cicero Wrongful Death Case

The stakes are generally much higher when someone has been killed, and it is important for clients to recognize the difference between a wrongful death case and a typical personal injury case. An experienced wrongful death attorney could not only pursue the legal case, but could also help the family deal with the grief and the logistical issues of losing a family member. Call McCready Law and discover the benefits of a lawyer in a Cicero wrongful death case.

The Benefit of a Lawyer’s Experience

No one should handle a wrongful death case on their own because they feel they cannot afford a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers do not charge any money upfront and the initial consultation is free. They only get paid if you secure a financial settlement or judgment award.

While there are many lawyers out there, not all of them have the experience or reputation necessary to handle a wrongful death case. An insurance company will evaluate the lawyer and the law firm handling the case and analyze what value they place on it. Experience and reputation are developed over a long period of time and this is a critical factor when selecting a lawyer.

Meeting Legal Deadlines

In all legal cases, there are specific deadlines. If a person does not comply with the deadline, it may result in the dismissal of the case. Because of a lawyer’s experience, they will be in the best position to identify and satisfy any particular time-sensitive deadlines.

The most common deadline which can result in dismissal of the lawsuit is the statute of limitations. This means that a wrongful death case must be settled or filed as a lawsuit within a certain period of time.

While the wrongful death case is proceeding, there are many other deadlines imposed by the court. While these deadlines may be extended upon request to the judge, failure to comply or request an extension can also have a detrimental impact on the case. A lawyer could keep careful track of these important dates and ensure they do not miss critical components to the claim.

Valuing Medical and Other Expenses

The process of gathering evidence in a wrongful death case is similar to that in most other personal injury cases. First, the lawyer must gather evidence of liability, meaning how the death occurred and the identity of the responsible parties.

In order to make a proper recovery, the lawyer must present evidence as to the damages. The damages in a wrongful death case are completely different than those in a personal injury case. For this reason, an experienced lawyer will spend much time gathering evidence for the damages phase.

A wrongful death attorney will be able to calculate the recoverable damages. Some damages are easy to calculate, which are typically economic in nature, such as medical expenses and funeral expenses. Funeral expenses may include an urn, casket, tombstone, cremation, flowers, et cetera. However, a lawyer will also be able to advise the family as to non-economic damages, such as grief, sorrow, and loss of companionship, which may not be as obvious to include.

Discover the Benefits of a Cicero Attorney in Your Wrongful Death Case

You are likely in a highly emotional state after losing a loved one due to negligence. There are numerous benefits to retaining a lawyer in your Cicero wrongful death case. Set up a consultation with us and learn how we can help you seek justice during this difficult time.