Recovering Compensation Following an Oak Lawn Motorcycle Accident

As a lifelong biker, you know the problems motorcyclists face on the road. The lack of respect from other drivers, the contempt from slower-moving vehicles, and even the outright road rage that causes near-misses every time you take your bike out. However, what you didn’t expect was to be mistreated by the insurance companies and the legal system you trusted to treat you fairly after a crash. To help guide you through the legal system and avoid you being taken advantage of, consult with an Oak Lawn motorcycle accident attorney with our firm today.

Recovering the Costs of a Motorcycle Accident

The evidence is everything in a motorcycle crash case. The moment a crash occurs, crucial evidence in the case begins to be lost forever, reducing your chances of a fair recovery. Call us today to have us begin our investigation, call witnesses, and gather physical evidence to preserve your case.

Our attorneys work to get you fair payment for your motorcycle crash from:

Insurance companies. Insurance companies collect thousands of dollars from a motorcyclist’s premiums each year, only to deny payment when the policyholder needs it most. Insurance adjusters conduct their own investigations after a crash and may gather evidence that can be used to deny your claim. Our attorneys can deal with the insurance company on your behalf, getting you the payments you need for your medical bills and repairs to your bike.

The at-fault driver. Motorcycles are smaller and more exposed than cars traveling on the road, making them much more vulnerable to injury in a crash. Motorcyclists and scooter riders have just as much right to the road as drivers, and have a right to recover payments for their injuries; however, they face prejudice from the public that can affect the outcome of the case. A driver may attempt to blame the biker for a crash, which can be successful if judges and juries view motorcyclists as reckless. For this reason, it is vital to hire an aggressive and experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can both gather evidence and overcome prejudices in court to get you the compensation you are owed.

Negligent parties. There are many people who could be at fault for your accident besides the driver of a car or truck. Poor roadway design, failure to clear the roads of snow, leaves, or debris, lack of proper warning signs, inadequate repairs on your motorcycle, and many other problems may have contributed to or exacerbated your injuries. We can investigate the circumstances of your crash to determine who can be held responsible, getting you maximum compensation for your suffering.

Importance of an Experienced Attorney

Our experienced attorneys have been helping injury victims for over twenty years, so we know how difficult it is to deal with bill collectors and insurance agents while you are trying to recover. That is why we listen carefully to all of your concerns before acting on your behalf, allowing you to heal while we move your case forward. Fill out our quick online contact form to speak with an attorney today!