Health Insurance Settlements in an Oak Lawn Motorcycle Accident Case

Often, following a motorcycle accident, insurance companies may try to offer a settlement to cover damages. Before accepting a settlement, it is best to seek help from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

One of the most important things that a lawyer could provide to someone injured in a motorcycle accident is advice on the claim throughout the process. If one waits until the insurance company makes an offer, the damage may have already been done in the case. For example, insurance companies would make very low offers if there is a gap in time between treatment. An attorney lawyer could advise an individual to seek prompt medical care following an accident. If they wait for more than a week or two to see a doctor, it would likely result in a much lower settlement offer from the insurance adjuster.

By waiting to see what the offer is prior to speaking to an attorney, they would have already done damage to their claim, which may have been avoided if they had an experienced personal injury lawyer advising them as soon as the accident occurred.

Reimbursement for Paid Medical Expenses

In Oak Lawn, some circumstances would require that health insurance companies reimburse people for paid medical expenses if the person receives a settlement. Health insurance is a contract which states that they would pay any medical expenses. However, if someone recovers a settlement from a third party, they are entitled to be repaid. This is a standard clause in most health insurance policies.

An injured motorcycle rider only needs to pay back what health insurance paid out for a bill, even though the at-fault car insurance is responsible for the full bill. The benefit of using health insurance after a motorcycle accident helps increase the amount of recovery in the case.

An experienced lawyer could negotiate a lower reimbursement with health insurance following a motorcycle accident.

Extra Payment for Insurance Companies

When a person pays to be insured, the insurance company could ask for extra payment in Oak Lawn. This is a standard provision in most health insurance contracts.

The common reasons insurance companies ask for more reimbursement includes: Because the accident was someone else’s fault and the other car insurance is paying for medical bills incurred, health insurance should be entitled to be reimbursed from this amount. If there is no recovery, health insurance does not receive reimbursement. Any time there is a recovery, health insurance is entitled to be reimbursed.

Failure to reimburse health insurance following a motorcycle accident could have consequences on coverage for future unrelated medical expenses. Furthermore, a lawyer is in the best position to negotiate a lower reimbursement to health insurance, which ultimately adds more money to the settlement for the injured motorcycle driver.

Denial of Benefits

If an insurance company tries to deny benefits, the first thing a person should do is contact a lawyer to represent their interests. One should not try to navigate the minefields of a motorcycle accident claim and health insurance without considered advice. They are in the best position to respond.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

There are benefits of working with a lawyer when dealing with health insurance companies after a motorcycle accident in Oak Lawn. After a motorcycle accident in which health insurance has paid medical bills, a lawyer could help with reimbursement to the health insurance company.

The less money paid back to health insurance means more money for the client. There are complex rules that govern the right of reimbursement to health insurance. An experienced personal injury lawyer is in the best position to navigate these regulations and obtain a reduction in the amount needed to be reimbursed to health insurance.