Safety Measures for Motorcyclists in Oak Lawn

If you ride a motorcycle, you are likely aware of how dangerous it can be. There is little protection from severe accidents, but there are a number of safety measures for motorcyclists in Oak Lawn that you should follow. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney could provide more information about how these measures might impact a potential claim.

Checking the Motorcycle

A motorcyclist should always inspect their bike prior to going out. The law requires that the motorcycle be in proper operating order, including all signals and lights. Because many automobiles fail to see and recognize them, having a motorcycle in proper working order is essential.

Motorcycles have different capacities based on the design and size of their engine. It is best for a biker to take a slower approach until they understand the handling, acceleration, and drive of the motorcycle. The size of the engine directly impacts the maneuverability and acceleration.

Lane Positions for Motorcycles

Most motorcycles are governed by the same rules of the road as passenger automobiles, even though they take up less space. They should generally operate in the middle of the lane and avoid traveling too close to either side. This is for their own safety and for the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians. While this is not always possible, riding in the middle of the lane of traffic is always recommended for motorcyclists.

A motorcyclist must use particular care when changing lanes. Because passenger automobiles may not recognize or appreciate the presence of the motorcycle, the rider should be certain that they can make the lane change safely. It can be misleading to judge the speed of another vehicle in the neighboring lane. While motorcycles certainly have sufficient power to accelerate and change lanes, it should only be done after checking all applicable traffic.

Are Hand Signals Acceptable for Motorcycles?

All motorcycles must have operating turn signals and lights. In the past, hand signals were allowed in place of turn signals. However, that is no longer the law. Hand signals can still be used in addition to directional signals but they cannot be used as a replacement. It is usually best to leave both hands dedicated to steering. Proper control of the motorbike is one of the most important safety measures for riders in Oak Lawn.

How Should a Biker React in Emergency Situations?

In order to receive their motorcycle license, a person must receive training on how to react in emergency situations. Whether the emergency is created by the motorcyclist or some other factor, proper response can make the difference between safety and serious injury. Unfortunately, emergency situations can come up suddenly and without warning and there is often little time to plan. The more experience that they have riding a motorcycle, the more that it should increase their ability to react in emergency situations.

Riding with Personal Information

It is important that motorcyclists have their identifying information with them while riding. In addition, it is helpful to have basic medical information included, in the event that they need emergency attention but are not in a position to communicate. Having emergency contacts listed is also a smart idea.

Other Safety Measures for Motorcyclists

There are several other safety measures for local motorcyclists to follow in order to remain safe, such as:

  • The driver has a duty to protect any passenger while operating their motorcycle. Having two people riding it will change how the motorcycle maneuvers and only an experienced rider should carry a passenger.
  • Additionally, motorcycle riders should wear proper protective gear, including a helmet. There is no requirement to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Oak Lawn. However, helmets are an important safety measure. Many serious injuries could be avoided following a motorcycle crash if the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet.
  • The motorcycle rider must always remain vigilant to the roadway conditions as well as to other vehicles on the road, as there are still many motorists who do not respect bikers.

These measures not only protect the physical safety of the rider but could also bolster any claim they make against another party.

Read Up on the Safety Measures for Motorcyclists in Oak Lawn

Many people have misconceptions about motorcycle safety. They believe that motorcycle riders are reckless and dangerous but it is quite the opposite. Almost all motorcycle accidents seem to result from the negligent driving of other vehicles and not the motorcycle rider themselves. To learn more about safety measures for motorcyclists in Oak Lawn, call a lawyer today.