Common Types of Oak Lawn Motorcycle Accidents Injuries

Unfortunately, the injuries often sustained in a motorcycle accident are severe. Because there is little protection between the motorcycle rider and the outside world, the severity of the injuries is increased. Typical injuries in a motorcycle accident include fractures and broken bones as well as lacerations and skin rashes from the pavement. More serious injuries can include head or brain trauma and even death.

Motorcycle accidents are dangerous and can cause significant damage and injuries. It is vital to have a motorcycle accident lawyer document all injuries as soon as possible as well as during the ongoing course of medical treatment. Speak to a seasoned attorney to learn about the common types of Oak Lawn motorcycle accident injuries.

What Constitutes A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Common types of Oak Lawn motorcycle accident injuries include catastrophic head trauma. This is especially true if the rider is not wearing a helmet. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) results when a motorcycle rider strikes their head. The skull protects the brain inside the head, but if the skull is shaken or struck, it can damage the soft material of the brain. This is considered a traumatic brain injury. TBIs vary significantly in severity. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that usually resolves over time.

A TBI is one of the most serious injuries that a motorcycle rider can sustain. If they break their leg, the bone typically will heal. If they cut their skin, it may result in a scar, but it will ultimately recover. An injury to the brain does not heal in the same way as injuries to the rest of their body. A TBI may not heal at all. These types of traumas can lead to long-term and permanent deficits.

Also, traumatic brain injuries are difficult to diagnose and treat. They do not show up on an x-ray like a broken bone. Often, a TBI is diagnosed through changes in behavior and subjective complaints such as headaches, pain, and blurry vision.

Broken Bones Following a Motorbike Crash

Another common type of injury in a motorcycle accident is broken bones or fractures. A fracture is a broken bone. Common broken bones in a motorcycle crash include those of the leg, hand, and arm. Less frequently, people will sustain fractures to their hip or even their head. Since there is little protection between the rider of a motorcycle and any object with which they come into contact, the wreck is much more likely to lead to a broken bone.

Broken bones can be displaced or non-displaced. A non-displaced broken bone means that the bone is still lined up and typically can be treated with a cast. A displaced fracture means that the bone is broken and the pieces do not align. These usually result in surgery.

Orthopedic doctors will use plates and screws to repair displaced fractures. Since broken bones can be such a severe consequence following a motorcycle accident, it is crucial to follow up with the proper medical specialists. Typically, orthopedic surgeons will deal with broken bones. A diligent lawyer can help direct an injured person in their medical treatment so that they see the best specialist possible following a motorcycle accident.

Long-Term or Permanent Injuries

After a motorcycle accident, the injuries may resolve or may result in permanent consequences. The nature and extent of the injuries received in a motorcycle accident will dictate the amount of recovery in the person’s case. The more serious the injury, the larger the recovery.

Whether an injury resolves or is permanent directly impacts the value of the case. Permanent injuries can include broken bones, TBI, or lacerations resulting in scars. Even a so-called soft tissue injury can result in long-term, permanent pain. It is important to discuss their injuries with a qualified doctor as well as an experienced motorcycle collision attorney in order to make the best recovery.

Calculating the Long-Term Impacts of Motorcycle Injuries

Following a motorcycle accident, it is essential to document all the consequences resulting from the negligent driving of the other vehicle. It is crucial to document all examples of how the injuries affect their life.

Additionally, insurance companies consider the medical treatment received when evaluating claims. They assume that people who are injured go to the doctor, and people who are not injured do not seek medical attention. It is for this reason that injured victims should continue going to the doctor until they have made a complete recovery.

How A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

It is always advisable to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible following an accident. A lawyer will be in the best position to preserve evidence as well as document the facts of the crash and the common types of Oak Lawn motorcycle accident injuries involved.

Insurance company adjusters are very aggressive in calling victims of a motorcycle accident. The adjusters will be looking out for the financial interests of their insurance company, not of the rider. An attorney will deal with all communication with the insurance company.

Since personal injury lawyers do not charge money upfront, it will not cost the injured person anything for a free consultation. The sooner they contact a motorcycle accident lawyer following an accident, the better. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your claim.