Orland Park Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

After exiting a busy roadway, many drivers may feel relaxed while searching a parking lot for a place to stop. Unfortunately, that lapse in concentration can still lead to a crash, even at low speeds. Between pedestrians rushing in and out, and other cars backing up fast out of a parking space, there are plenty of opportunities for incidents to happen. An Orland Park parking lot accident lawyer could assist you in holding the responsible party liable for any injuries or property damage. Dependable car accident attorneys have experience in fighting for all types of compensation.

Comparing Parking Lot Accidents to Road Accidents

Drivers are not permitted to ignore the rules of the road simply because they are in a parking lot or garage. Typically, accidents in a parking lot do not involve high-speed impacts but they can still leave a significant amount of damage. The most common type of accident seen in these situations is a failure to yield, especially when someone is pulling out of a parking spot.

In addition to other nearby vehicles, a driver has a duty to keep a proper lookout for pedestrians. Lots include many people walking to and from their cars. This creates a higher risk of a pedestrian accident.

Parking Lots as Private Property

Most parking lots are considered private property. They are maintained by the owner of the building and are not considered public roadways. As a result, some police departments refuse to investigate accidents which occur in these areas. Their rationale is that they do not have jurisdiction over private property. While this is not legally correct, that is the policy of certain police departments, and important evidence could be lost as a result.

If a police department refuses to investigate an accident in a parking lot, it is important for an injured person to contact the store management and fill out an incident report to be used later. They should then immediately get in touch with a local parking area accident lawyer who could gather the facts of the case in place of an officer.

Determining Fault in Orland Park Parking Lot Collisions

Like all traffic accidents, an attorney must first establish liability, or fault, in a parking lot accident. It is common in these types of cases that liability is disputed or that an accident is the combined fault of more than one individual. For these reasons, it is essential to speak to a nearby parking lot accident lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Many parking lots and garages often have security cameras installed, which could be used as proof for how an accident occurred.

An accident does not need to be 100 percent the fault of any individual. Particularly in parking lot cases, it is common for the accident to be a combination of more than one person’s fault. If the accident is partially the plaintiff’s fault, that is considered contributory negligence. The law still allows a recovery provided they are deemed to be 50 percent or less at fault. If a plaintiff is over 50 percent at fault in causing an accident, the law of contributory negligence does not allow them to make a recovery.

Call an Orland Park Parking Lot Accident Attorney Today

Many personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation and only get paid after a monetary recovery. Since parking lot accident cases are often contested, the sooner that someone speaks with a lawyer, the more likely it is that they make a complete recovery for the injuries sustained in the accident.

An Orland Park parking lot accident lawyer could analyze every facet of your case to determine the best way of getting you the relief you deserve. Call now to begin your civil recovery case.