Gianna Carabez is a Chicago native through and through.

A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, she loves spending time down at the lake, and also lives for Windy Cindy sports. The Bears, the Bulls, and the White Sox…she loves and supports them all through thick and thin.

As one of our litigation paralegals, Gianna supervises cases as they come into discovery and throughout the litigation process. She acts as a point person for our clients and is always accessible to make sure that they know the exact status of their case at all times. She’s also known for ensuring that each client not only knows the status of their case, but also truly understands each of their options moving forward.

While studying English at university, Gianna knew she didn’t want to become an instructor or writer. She preferred the analytical side of her studies and wanted to enter a profession that offered her plenty of puzzles to solve. This is why she’s a perfect paralegal!

It’s also what makes her such a big Quentin Tarantino fan. His works (Inglorious Bastards, for example) are her favorite because you can’t zone out while watching them. While they are all so dramatic, they are also filled with minor details that become so poignant later on down the line. You really have to engage with the films to enjoy them and she loves that.

When she’s not dissecting cinema, Gianna is blissing out with a great bite to eat. She considers herself a big foodie and always enjoys finding new restaurants around the city. Whether it’s Italian, Columbian, or anything in between, she’s always open to suggestions.

She’s also not opposed to traveling for a good meal! Gianna has traveled to Mexico and Ireland and is currently looking forward to a trip to Aruba. She’d also love to visit Italy to get in touch with her roots.
While Gianna has worked extensively in the legal profession, she feels like she’s found her calling by helping people injured in personal injury cases and not being treated fairly by insurance companies. She truly cares about each and every client and makes it her mission to ensure they receive the care and compensation they deserve.