Safety Information for Oak Lawn Bicycle Accidents

There are many factors that could contribute to a bicycle accident included distracted motorists and defective products. Unfortunately, many bicyclists and motorists alike do not pay careful attention to their surroundings. Whether it is the roadway or a bike path or other vehicles, a bicyclist must be aware of their surroundings. Even if they are using extreme caution, another car may not see them and cause an accident.

It is important to always wear safety equipment while riding a bike. It is always best to wear a bicycle helmet. The danger of one falling off a bike and striking their head is so great that the safety precaution of a helmet is always a good idea. Children under the age of 12 must wear a helmet. Beyond that age, it is up to the individual bicyclist to make that decision. Just because one is not required to wear a bicycle helmet, that does not mean that it is a good idea. If a child is riding a bike without a helmet, the parents can be held responsible.

Finally, a bicyclist should always ride according to the rules of the road. The traffic regulations apply equally to bicyclists as well as motor vehicles. It is best to reach out to a seasoned attorney to learn about safety information for Oak Lawn bicycle accidents. A diligent bicycle accident attorney could help you learn about your legal rights and options.

What Information Should Bicyclists Have On Them?

Unlike driving a car which requires having a driver’s license, there is no such requirement while riding a bicycle. Bikers should always have identification on them. If the accident is serious and the bicyclist is knocked unconscious without identification, it may be difficult to contact family members. It is also helpful to have information regarding medical conditions that affect the bicyclist.

An ambulance driver does not know the medical history of someone who is injured while riding a bike. Many people carry their cellphones with them while riding a bike. If there is a password on it, a first responder will not be able to use the contacts to notify family members. It is always a good idea to carry personal information and identification when one is riding a bike. No one expects an accident to occur. An individual must prepare for that situation if possible.

Benefits of a Camera

Technology has made cameras very inexpensive. As a result, many bicyclists attach a portable camera to their bike or helmet. If an accident does occur, the recording can provide crucial evidence in the case. Sometimes, there is a dispute about how an accident between a car and a bike happened. Video may help establish exactly what happened.

In many cases, video proves to be an essential piece of evidence. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer is in the best position to use video footage following an accident. Even if there is no video recording device on the bicycle, there are many security cameras that often record an accident. These are also important pieces of evidence when an accident between a bicycle and a car occurs.

Steps to Take Following a Crash

After a bicycle accident, the number one priority is the person’s health and safety. If possible, they should move their bicycle and body to a safe location after a fall. Remaining in the roadway or on the bike path creates an additional hazard. Depending on the seriousness of the person’s injuries, it may be advisable to call an ambulance. At a minimum, it is always a good idea to go to the emergency room to be examined.

What is the Risk of Avoiding Hospital Treatment?

Injuries may take a few days to get worse. If one does not go to the doctor or hospital, an insurance company might argue that they were not seriously injured. After an accident involving a bicycle, it is crucial to get the information from the other driver to make an insurance claim. If the accident occurred on the road, it is always a good idea to obtain a police report.

Let a Bicycle Accident Attorney Help

A bicycle crash could cause devastating damage. Bicyclists could sustain severe injuries such as broken bones, spinal damage, and head trauma. There are several steps bicyclists should take to prevent a crash as well as steps to take following a collision.

Speak to an attorney to learn about safety information for Oak Lawn bicycle accidents. Call today to schedule a consultation.