Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in Oak Lawn

There are many children who ride bicycles in the neighborhoods, other people use bicycles as a mode of transportation on the major roadways. Under the law, bicycle riders must obey the same traffic laws as cars. They must stop at stop signs and traffic lights. They must yield the right of way, and they must travel in the same direction as traffic. Simply because they are on a bike does not mean that the laws do not apply. It is important to always obey the rules of the road and the traffic laws to avoid being struck by a car.

A knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney could explain the traffic laws for bicyclists in Oak Lawn.  They could explain the rules of the road as well as help you seek compensation if you have been injured in an accident.

Reasons For a Bicyclist To Follow The Law

Bicyclists should follow the traffic laws because they could receive a ticket if they fail to obey them, just as if an automobile driver fails to obey traffic laws. More importantly, it is essential to follow the traffic laws for safety reasons. By having a set of traffic laws for bicyclists in Oak Lawn, it allows everyone to know what is expected. If someone fails to obey a traffic law on a bicycle and causes an accident, they will be at fault. However, if the bicyclist is following all of the traffic laws and is hit by an automobile, the motorist could be held liable for damages.

Traffic Laws For Bicyclists

There are several laws which are particular to bicycle riders which do not apply to motor vehicles. For example, bicycle riders must wear a helmet when they are riding their bike. Obviously, that does not apply to people who are driving in cars. Additionally, a bicycle must try to remain on the right side of the road as much as possible. A motor vehicle can use the entire lane. These are two examples of traffic laws which apply only to bicycles and not to cars.

Whether a bicyclist was following or not following laws impacts an injury case. In any accident, it is essential to determine fault. If a bicycle rider is disobeying a traffic law, it may result in being the fault of the bicyclist. If a car driver violates traffic laws, then an accident will be their fault. There can also be a legal case even if everyone is obeying the traffic laws. In order to drive a car, they must do so with reasonable safety. Failure to drive reasonably safe is considered negligence. This is true whether someone obeys the law or breaks the traffic laws.

Use of Sidewalks

Sidewalks are for pedestrians and not bicyclists. If they are over 12 years old, they must ride their bicycle on the road. There are laws that prohibit riding bicycles on the sidewalk if they are over 12 years old. Anyone else over the age of 12 is required to ride their bike on the roadway and obey the traffic laws applicable to cars and bicycles.

Use of Bike Lanes

An Oak Lawn law regarding the use of bike lanes is if a bike lane is provided on a roadway, bicyclists are required to use it. If there is no bike lane, the bicyclist is required to ride in the right side of the lane with the flow of traffic. Bicycle lanes also follow the flow of traffic. For this reason, they would never have two bicyclists riding toward each other in the same bicycle lane. If a bicycle lane is provided by the municipality, they are required to ride their bike within the bike lane.

How Do Bike Laws Impact a Case When The Driver Is At Fault?

In order to make a recovery in a bicycle versus car accident, the plaintiff’s bike accident attorney must prove who was at fault. The law only allows for a personal injury recovery if someone else is at fault. An accident may be the fault of more than one individual, and it may be a combination between the driver of the car and the bicyclist. However, the law requires the injured party to prove that someone else was predominantly at fault for the accident in order to make a recovery for personal injuries.

When The Driver Is Not At Fault?

If the car was at fault, then the bicycle rider will have to recover. However, if the accident was the fault of the bicyclist, there will be no recovery. An accident can be the combination of the car and the bicycle being at fault. If a party is more than 50 percent at fault for an accident, then they are considered responsible for the collision. If a bicyclist is over 50 percent at fault in causing an accident, then the injured claimant may be ineligible to recover compensation.

How a Bicycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Most traffic laws apply equally to cars and bicycles, but there are a few laws which are particular to bicycles. For example, they must wear a helmet when they are riding their bike. Also, they must ride their bike in a dedicated bike lane if one is provided. Finally, if no bike lane is provided, they must ride their bike as close to the right-hand of the lane as possible.

It is best to speak to a seasoned bicycle accident attorney to learn about the traffic laws for bicyclists in Oak Lawn. Call today to schedule a consultation.