Preventing Oak Lawn Bicycle Accidents

A person riding their bicycle is held to the same rules of the road as a car. It is essential that bicycle riders follow all the rules that govern automobiles. Failure to follow the rules of the road could result in an accident. Failure to follow the law is used to determine fault. In addition to abiding by all rules and regulations, a bicyclist should always use safety equipment. This includes a helmet at a minimum and perhaps additional gear to protect them. Finally, it is important to inspect the bicycle periodically for safe operation. A bicycle that is defective or damaged can be dangerous, so it is important that the cyclist inspects their bike on a regular basis to ensure safety.

There are many steps a person could take to prevent a bike collision. A skilled bicycle accident attorney could keep you up to date with the laws regarding bicyclists, safety equipment, and the rules for sharing the road with motor vehicle drivers.  Speak to an attorney to learn about preventing Oak Lawn bicycle accidents.

Where To Ride a Bike

Whenever a bicyclist is riding on a road designed for cars, they must obey all traffic rules and regulations. The person on the bicycle has just as much right to be on the road as an automobile. However, the law does require a bicycle rider to occupy the right side of the roadway to the extent possible. A bicyclist is not allowed to ride in the middle of the road because of the potential danger they pose to cars also on the roadway.

If a bicyclist needs to change lanes to make a turn, they must give the same indication and warning that a motor vehicle is required to do. Although bikes are entitled to share the road with cars, a safe bicyclist is always on the lookout for careless drivers.

How Should Cyclists Use Hand Signals?

The purpose of using hand signals while riding a bike is to provide a warning to anyone behind the bicyclist of potential actions. If a bicyclist is turning, it is important to let anyone behind them know this fact. Hand signals can help avoid crashes by letting the driver of the automobile know what the bicyclist is doing next. Bicycles do not have turn signals in the same way as a car or motorcycle. For this reason, a safe bicyclist uses hand signals to alert anyone on the road of their intention. The purpose is to avoid an accident as the result of an unsafe maneuver by the bicyclist.

How Much Space Should be Between Motor Vehicles and the Bicycle?

An automobile driver must understand that a bicyclist has as much right to the road as they do. Motor vehicles must share the road with bicycles. All cars must keep a proper lookout for bikes on the road. Likewise, bicycle riders should always make themselves visible to prevent possible accidents.

Whenever an automobile comes upon a bicyclist, they must allow enough space to avoid a collision. An automobile driver should not ride up close to a bicyclist because they must leave time and space to stop in the event of an emergency. A bicyclist must ride as close to the right-hand side of the road as possible. Both bicycles and cars need to make room for each other. If either gets too close, there is a potential for a collision and injury. Because of the size disparity, the bicyclist can sustain catastrophic injuries.

On-Road Safety Measures

Bicyclists are required to follow the same rules of the road as automobile drivers. Rules such as stopping at traffic-controlled devices and yielding the right of way are equally applicable to bicyclists. These rules of the road operate as safety measures for automobiles and bicyclists. Bicycle drivers should also be aware of their surroundings. The condition of the roadway may cause an accident with a bicycle that might not have affected a vehicle. Potholes and deteriorated roadways are examples that affect bicyclists. For this reason, all bicyclists should use care when operating their bicycle.

Off-Road Safety Measures

Some bicyclists choose to ride their bikes off-road. If this happens, a bicyclist must take greater safety precautions to prevent an Oak Lawn bicycle accident. Riding on a bike path or road is usually much safer. If a bicyclist chooses to ride off-road, they subject themselves to any number of hazards. Following proper safety protocol while on a bike off-road is important.

An off-road bicyclist should wear a helmet as well as any other safety equipment that may be necessary. The chances of injury off-road are higher than on-road. Although it is unlikely that there is a collision between an off-road bicyclist and someone else, the surface that the bicycle is traveling is much more treacherous. Care should always be used when riding a bicycle off-road.

How a Bicycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Preventing Oak Lawn bicycle accidents could be difficult without understanding the local laws regarding bikes. Motor vehicle drivers are required by law to share the road. This means that drivers and bicyclists must take all the necessary steps to prevent a collision including using proper turn/hand signals, riding on the correct side of the road, and wearing safety equipment. Speak to a bicycle accident attorney to learn about the ways to avoid a bike crash. Schedule a consultation today.