Hammond Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

We all walk every day. Some people walk for exercise, while others walk to run errands or go to work. Unfortunately, accidents involving pedestrians are far too common, especially when it comes to crossing the street or walking along the side of the road. Because people on foot have nothing to protect them in the event of a crash, pedestrian accidents almost always result in serious injuries or even death.

If a motor vehicle hit you or your loved one while you were crossing the street, you are likely in no position to handle a difficult legal claim right now. Allow our trusted personal injury attorneys to help. A Hammond pedestrian accident lawyer could help you fight for your legal rights while you focus on getting better.

Injuries Suffered in Hammond Pedestrian Crashes

In recent years, automobiles have become safer due to advancements in safety technology. Occupants of cars benefit from seat belts, airbags, steel frames, and bumpers. As a result, they are more likely to escape from automobile accidents without suffering severe injuries.

However, people on foot are much more vulnerable. The human body cannot stand up to the force of impact of a colliding vehicle, often leading to catastrophic harm. Pedestrians frequently suffer broken bones, particularly in their legs, arms, and hips. Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, are also common. Neck and back injuries can also occur, including herniated discs, whiplash, nerve damage, and spinal cord injuries. Pedestrians frequently experience debilitating pain and endure mobility limitations. Some struggle to go back to work due to their injuries. Sadly, some of these devastating injuries result in fatalities.

A Hammond pedestrian injury lawyer understands the troubles that accident survivors face and could work diligently to get them the financial recovery they need to move forward.

What Happens When the Pedestrian is Partially at Fault for the Accident

Pedestrians need to exercise caution when walking on roads that are used by motor vehicles. To minimize the risk of accidents, pedestrians should follow certain rules. They should try to walk in well-lit areas and wear light-colored or reflective clothing if walking at night. If possible, they should stay on sidewalks, or if there are no sidewalks, they should stay as close to the side of the road as possible. People should also walk while facing traffic so they can see who is approaching them and get out of the way if necessary. When they need to cross the street, walkers should obey traffic signals, use crosswalks, and yield to cars when appropriate.

Sometimes, pedestrians fail to obey traffic rules. They might cross outside of a crosswalk or wear dark clothing at night. In these situations, the pedestrian could be considered partially at fault for the crash. Fortunately, in Indiana, people whose actions contribute to an accident can still recover damages as long as they are less than 51 percent to blame. However, the injured pedestrian’s damages would be reduced in proportion to their degree of fault. A seasoned Hammond attorney could explain how the modified comparative fault rules could apply to a pedestrian accident.

Let a Hammond Pedestrian Accident Attorney Assist You

Accidents involving pedestrians can quickly turn tragic. Not many pedestrians are able to get up and walk away after being struck by an automobile at a high rate of speed. Injured pedestrians frequently face a long and challenging recovery period.

While you fight to recover physically and emotionally, a dedicated Hammond pedestrian accident lawyer could help you recover financial compensation that you need to set things right. Let the team at McCready Law guide you through the legal process – call us today.