Help A Teacher Gift Card Giveaway Nomination Winners

For the second year in a row, we at McCready Law are giving away $100 gift cards to five local teachers in our local Chicago community in an effort to help them obtain school supplies to have a successful school year. These wonderful teachers were nominated by members in our community for our Help A Teacher Gift Card Giveaway, and their stories touched our hearts tremendously. It is an honor to be able to give back and help those who give so much to others!

Here are their reactions to being selected as the winners of our Help a Teacher Gift Card Giveaway:

2020 Winners:

Annalisse Scott’s Reaction:

KC Perlberg’s Reaction:

2019 Winners:

Shannon Martin’s Reaction: “I am truly grateful for this award. Teaching is what I was born to do, and I am so lucky to be able to do what I love every single day. I just revamped my classroom, so the gift card will really help. I appreciate it and think it’s wonderful that your office has thought about teachers!”





Dr. Andrea Wheeler’s Reaction: “I am gurgling over with Glee for receiving the Teacher’s Award from McCready Law! I am humbled to be honored among such fine colleagues. When I heard the good news from my Best Friend, Sheree Ali, all I could say was “Little ol’ me?!” It has always been my pleasure to show especially the “little ones” how trusted adult authority figures can demonstrate what giving and serving can look like. I get so excited at the start of each school year to bring in the supplies to decorate the room, buy books for the classroom and Community. I get to see the infectious SMILES from the children that bring a healthy balance of challenges and charisma in Learning! The Teacher’s Award could not have come at a better time as I help the students transition in returning to a “Maximum Academic Milieu!” The Award money helped to get more books, papers, art supplies and treats! Thank you again for selecting me as a continued catalyst for the new generation that will soon become our Leaders!






Kirby Van Vliet’s Reaction: “Thank you so much for choosing me!! As a new teacher, 4th year, I am still learning all there is to know about teaching. The time, effort and cost that it takes to be effective is so much more than they prepare you for in school. Every little recognition is something I can hold on to to help me keep growing. I appreciate that McCready law has taken the time to look out for the teachers who are still early in their career. Thank you for letting me know that someone out there sees me.”





Justin Antos’s Reaction: “I am beyond humbled to win this award, but even more grateful for the students with whom I have the privilege of teaching each and every day. I am also thankful for the McCready Law team for taking the time to recognize the outstanding contributions of teachers in our community.”







Rahaf Othman’s Reaction: “I don’t teach for the accolades, but it’s definitely nice to be appreciated! I am honored and humbled to be recognized by your law firm. I just love what I do and I’m glad that it shows. I am most grateful.







Allie Grazevich’s Reaction: “I am beyond humbled by the generosity of McCready Law firm. As all teachers use their own money to enhance the classroom environment for students, I am thankful for this fund that is being provided for my fourth grade students and myself. It is amazing to be a part of a community that looks to give back to education. I am beyond grateful for McCready Law firm for providing this opportunity to me. Thank you!”






Liz Diddea’s Reaction: “When my husband Eric told me that he submitted my name and an essay into a contest about a teacher who makes a difference, I wondered what he thought made me so special. After 10 years of teaching at Park Manor School and this is my 13th year at John D. Shoop Academy at 11140 S. Bishop, I realized that I am truly committed to CPS schools, but especially the Shoop community. Shoop is a low income school that really means the world to me. I not only donate school supplies and money, but also recruit my family and Bethany Union Church to help with additional monetary donations, Christmas gifts, classroom supplies, uniforms, bookbags, clothing, food, etc. The Shoop parents can always text or call me if they have questions, concerns, or just simply want to talk.

When I received the award, words can not express the feelings that came over me. I cried with joy and happiness because I know that my husband Eric truly knows how dedicated I am to not only my third grade students and their families but also to our entire school. As the third grade math teacher, I challenge the students academically and create a warm learning environment that they will remember. Our principal, Mrs. Topps, leads with the same devotion to Shoop. She is generous with her time, love for students, and kindness and support to the families. Despite the fact that 95% of our students are low income, Shoop is a Level One School for the fifth consecutive year because of everyone’s hard work. I know this award will be put to good use for the students as that is always my number one priority. I am so thankful that McCready Law recognized the importance of teachers who make a difference. Thank you so much for your generous award! It means a lot to me and my third graders at John D. Shoop Academy for this special recognition.”