Jaime Allen

Many would be surprised to know Jaime prepared to enter undergrad aiming to become a history teacher. Lucky for us, the tried-and-true ACT assessment exams revealed otherwise. They revealed she might excel at careers related to law! – and Boom! Look where’s she at and we are so thrilled to have her as part of our legal team. This Drury University graduate is an ambitious young woman with conservative roots.

The neat thing about Jaime is that she is so disarming, and it is refreshing to share in her girl around the corner vibe. She boasts a long-standing marriage of 13 years, has children, and her favorite color is blue. If you’ve caught one too many scary movies about haunted dolls, you may want to steer very clear of Jaime’s house – she is an avid collector of porcelain dolls. Though afraid of snakes, she embraces other kinds of pets. She owns a cat, a dog, and a hedgehog! How many of us can we say we have a pet hedgehog? So fun!

Jaime also loves time at the lake or perhaps a day at the amusement park – basically any activity that involves quality time with the family. She highlights that minimalism is kind of her thing and she enjoys a simple, organized lifestyle. Admittedly, she says she can get a little serious about the organization thing… (everything in its place and place for everything has been our firms’ new motto whether we like it or not) 😊

Additionally, Jaime loves a good slice of pizza and her signature dish at the Thanksgiving table is Pumpkin Cheesecake. Our firm is thinking of having “thanksgiving” potluck a few times a year just so we can have some of this world-famous cheesecake. Lastly, Jaime cites her biggest successes in life are her girls. She absolutely adores being their Mom.

Our firm really appreciates Jaime and the skillsets she brings to our team. As one of our first remote workers based in MO, she helped us carve out new ways to better serve our clients and team members as we continue to endure the pandemic. Well done, and we look forward to more zooming with the hedgehog!

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