Federal Workers’ Compensation Paralegal

Have you ever been interested in working in the legal field? Always thought, “I should have gone to law school.” This is your opportunity to fulfill that dream. If you are looking for a new challenge or looking to make that career move you have always dreamed of, you may want to consider applying to us. Candidates with a legal background are not necessarily what we are looking for in this position. We will teach you and train you how to do your job. Even with past legal experience, you will be starting with a clean slate. You must be eager to learn with a genuine desire to help people. We are hiring a person, not a resume. Who you are is more important than what you have done. This position is perfect for someone, we only hope this posting encourages that person to leave their comfort zone and take a chance. If you are applying to every job which comes into your in box, this is not the job for you.

Your position is one of the most important in the office. It involves daily and constant interaction with our clients. Our clients are located all over the country so most interaction will be by telephone. Positive energy and a sincere desire to help and do the best you can do are a must.

The responsibilities of this position include:

• you will be the first person (other than the receptionist) to speak to potential clients. You will listen to them and decide whether it is a case or a client which we should accept. Don’t worry, we will train you extensively. If it is a case, you will be responsible for ensuring they become a client (conversion). You can see why phone skills and empathy are so important in this position.

• you will be responsible for keeping in communication with clients, providing them status on their case as well as answering questions they may have about their claim. Being detail-orientated and an ability to communicate with people is essential.

• you will also be in communication with claims examiners, doctors and administrative law judges regarding client matters. Accuracy and professionalism are key attributes which we will be looking for in any candidate.

We have identified the following characteristics as important to work for McCready, Garcia & Leet:

• detail orientated and accurate
• reliable and hard working
• willing and eager to learn
• positive attitude about work, life and the world
• compassionate and caring
• good listener and explainer

Don’t just tell us you possess these qualities, show us how your past work experience demonstrates these characteristics. Explain how your personal interests reinforce these traits. Show us, don’t tell us.

Every case and every client is different, so the variety serves as a constant challenge. We don’t fire people because we do so such a thorough job in the hiring process. If you make it through the hiring process, we expect you will work here for a long time. We treat our employees well. We encourage personal and professional growth which makes working here rewarding.

Before you apply, here is what we expect in the hiring process. First, you will read the entire job posting and follow the instructions. It’s not hard to do, but we’ll be able to weed out those who do not follow instructions. Next, candidates will undergo a 10 minute phone interview. It’s your chance to make a good impression over the phone. This is important since this position involves speaking to people on the phone. We expect you will research a little about who we are and what we do prior to your phone interview, so don’t try to wing it. Review www.federalcompensation.com.

We will invite a certain number of applicants for an in-person interview. We are busy, so we would not invite you to interview unless we were seriously considering you for the position. The final two candidates will be invited back for an extensive working interview. As you can see, this process takes a lot of our time and it will take your time. We want to hire the best candidate and one who wants to work for us, not someone whose attitude is any job will do.

Congratulations if you have read this far. We will get many applicants who have not and their resumes will be discarded because they didn’t follow this simple instruction: E-mail your resume to info@McCreadyLaw.com with the subject line: “Meet your new paralegal.” Include a brief paragraph why you want to work for this firm and include your salary requirements. Simple, right? Attention to detail is important and anyone who does not read the entire job posting and follow these simple instructions is not someone who will succeed in this position. If this opportunity sounds intriguing, inspiring or just plain too crazy to be true, send that resume now! (but don’t forget the subject line)