Although this newly engaged powerhouse is the midst of channeling her inner bridezilla, she still has tons of positive energy left over to devote to our firm. She takes on her case management duties like a pro. Lillian takes pride in her work and is always refining her skillsets. She cited her last self-empowering read, “Atomic Habit” by James Clear as very good.

She also loves Volleyball, Hispanic cuisine, and reading adventure novels. Lillian also enjoys taking on new challenges – like the ones brought on by new puppies. That’s right, she has a new fur baby aptly named, SOL. So fitting, as she herself is such a beautiful and soulful individual.

We also have it on good account that Lillian is quite the dancer – the company Xmas party cannot come fast enough for us to catch a glimpse of her in action.

The neat thing is, if she calls in sick, she probably won’t be too hard to find. Her favorite getaway is a day on the beach, and while she loves the ocean, Lillian refuses to go in! Truthfully, our firm is so delighted with her, so we would probably give her a pass and join her! We truly value your service, Lillian.