Cook County Permanent Disability Workers’ Compensation Claims

Injuries on the job are common, and most employers in the state must offer their employees no-fault workers’ compensation benefits. If you suffer from a severe injury with permanent effects from a workplace accident, a trusted workers’ compensation attorney could explain how you are eligible for disability benefits.

Even with this option available, the process is often challenging and overwhelming. A qualified lawyer experienced with Cook County permanent disability workers’ compensation claims could answer your questions and help you through each step.

What Is a Permanent Disability?

Most workers have two primary forms of permanent disability insurance available. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, employees with permanent injuries could be eligible for permanent partial or permanent total disability, depending on the case specifics.

The purpose of both forms is to make up for the loss of earning capacity. The difference is that workers who sustain disfigurement, leaving them permanently impaired but able to work in some capacity, would be eligible for partial. In contrast, those unable to work in any capacity would apply for total disability.

Permanent Disability Determination

The treating physician makes the final determination about whether the injury is a partial or total disability after finding that the employee has reached their maximum medical improvement (MMI). This means the individual has reached the point in their recovery where their condition will not improve any further. A Cook County attorney knowledgeable about permanent disability workers’ comp claims could answer specific questions during a consultation.

Examples of Permanent Disabilities

Some examples of injuries that leave employees with permanent disabilities include:

  • Loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Hearing loss in one or both ears
  • The sudden loss of fingers or toes
  • Losing one or both hands or arms
  • Loss of one or both feet or legs
  • Severe back injuries
  • Loss of functioning in some body parts

A doctor approved by the insurance provider will complete a thorough physical examination to determine the MMI and the individual’s ability to work. A personal injury attorney could provide more information on this process.

The Potential Benefits

The person collecting benefits will receive payments for the duration of time they are disabled, which is often the rest of their lives. The payments are approximately two-thirds of their average weekly pay. However, some limitations do apply, and the initiation of payments is based on when the accident and injuries occurred.

In addition, the insurer calculates the amount the individual can collect based on the severity of the disability and the type of injury they sustained. A lawyer skilled with permanent disability workers’ comp claims in Cook County could help injured parties apply for benefits and collect the payments they are entitled to.

Speak to an Attorney About Permanent Disability Workers’ Compensation Claims in Cook County

Suffering a severe injury at work that leaves you permanently disabled will severely impact your life and finances. While being eligible to collect benefits may alleviate some of the burden, the process for approval and to start collecting payments is also tricky.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for injured workers to receive a denial the first time they apply. To fight this, you must contact a qualified lawyer skilled in handling Cook County permanent disability workers’ compensation claims for assistance. Call today to set up an appointment for this week and begin working on your claim.