Cheryl Polarek

Cheryl M. Polarek is a litigation attorney with McCready Law who works mainly at our office in Chesterton, Indiana, but is also licensed in Illinois. She has spent her time as a well-spoken advocate for people in the community, both in and out of the courtroom. She comes to McCready Law from a 21year career in prosecution in Porter County. Although Cheryl’s transition into personal injury law has presented her with new challenges and skills to master, she has clearly risen to the task. Cheryl’s personality and motivations indicate that she has the ability to enter a whole new field and succeed. She describes herself as a perpetual and tenacious learner, evidenced by one of her favorite quotes, “Be willing to be a beginner.” It is clear to those who know Cheryl well that her life, career, and overall demeanor embody this quote in its entirety.

Cheryl’s life-long quest for knowledge is also visible in her hobbies. Her family is always her priority, and she loves spending time with her husband, Bob, and her two sons, Jackson, age 20, and Leo, age 16. She loves to spend time exploring books, music and sports. While Cheryl alternates between different genres of books and music, like fiction and nonfiction, country music and rock, one thing that stays the same is her family’s love of sports. Her youngest son plays football and runs track, and one of their favorite family pastimes is watching football, whether it be Notre Dame, the Denver Broncos, or Georgia Tech, where her oldest son is studying to become an engineer. Cheryl’s favorite player is Peyton Manning, and she has followed him from Tennessee, to Indianapolis, and finally to Denver.

Cheryl enjoys her work at McCready Law because of the passion that she and her colleagues have for representing their clients. She admires the family-oriented atmosphere of the firm and treasures the friendships that she’s built there. It has always been important to Cheryl to give back, and McCready Law is clearly dedicated to investing in their surrounding communities, through the law and beyond. Not only do the firm’s charitable contributions show the community that they are invested in giving back, but these efforts also debunk popular attorney myths, and instead showcase McCready Law for who they really are: compassionate, persevering advocates who are dedicated to serving their clients well, just like Cheryl.