Porter County Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) describe any incident where the brain suffers damage from sudden trauma. This can be the product of a direct blow to the head or an abrupt change in momentum that causes the brain to collide with the interior of the skull. Because of the sensitive nature of the brain, many of these injuries are permanent. Even so, it is only possible to collect compensation for these damages if you are able to prove that it was another party’s negligence or intentional act that led to the incident.

A Porter County traumatic brain injury lawyer may be able to help you. They can stand by your side to explain the relevant laws, work to understand how the event has impacted your life, measure your losses, and seek out appropriate payments from all liable parties. Reach out to our firm to speak with one of our compassionate catastrophic injury attorneys today.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are Catastrophic Events

The Mayo Clinic describes a TBI as a brain injury that occurs from a violent blow or jolt to the head. This may be the product of direct trauma, such as falling and hitting the floor, or indirect forces, such as whiplash following a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. These injuries can lead to various symptoms, including memory loss, a reduction in cognitive function, or a change in personality.

Mild versions of traumatic brain injuries can include concussions where a person does not lose consciousness or situations that lead to a slight fogginess in mental awareness. More severe examples can cause seizures, comas, and wrongful death. Many times the symptoms of a TBI may become permanent and require medical attention for the foreseeable future.

It is the long-term nature of these injuries that make them catastrophic. Accordingly, any demand package that follows a traumatic brain injury must ask for compensation that reflects this life-altering impact. A Porter County TBI attorney could analyze an event’s details to fully understand how it has affected an individual’s finances, physical comfort, emotional well-being, and quality of life.

Statute of Limitations After a TBI

There is no doubt that traumatic brain injuries can have a profound impact on a person’s life. Even so, there is only a short time after sustaining a TBI that a person can pursue compensation. This is due to the statute of limitations found in Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4. This law gives most people only two years from the date of an injury to file a claim or settle out of court.

While this may seem sufficient, these cases can be complex. The full consequences of a traumatic brain injury may not be immediately apparent. In addition, gathering evidence indicating another party’s fault is likely to take some time. In certain instances, it may be necessary to create estimations concerning the impact of the incident on a person’s future welfare. These factors combine to make time a vital component of many claims. A Porter County traumatic brain injury attorney could ensure legal action is taken within the statute of limitations and explain the circumstances in which exceptions might be made.

Let a Porter County Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights

All individuals who suffer an injury because of the actions of another deserve the opportunity to seek the damages they need to set things right. However, in situations where a traumatic brain injury has forced them to make adjustments to their life, this process can be complicated or overwhelming.

A Porter County traumatic brain injury lawyer is ready to take the lead. They can perform every step and procedure that is necessary to pursue your case while you focus on getting your life in order. This can include gathering evidence, measuring how the event has changed your present and future and protecting your rights in and out of court. Call today to schedule a consultation to learn more.