The Role of an Oak Lawn Dog Bite Attorney

There are several benefits to contacting a lawyer after suffering a dog attack. One of the main roles of an Oak Lawn attorney after a dog bite is securing medical treatment for the victim. A lawyer may be in a position to refer them to a doctor who specializes in those injuries, which can include consultations with a plastic surgeon if there is any scarring. Lawyers can also coordinate the complicated process of determining insurance coverage.

When Should a Dog Bite Victim Contact an Attorney?

A person bitten by a dog should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. However, it is never too late to contact one. Children who are bitten by a dog have until their 20th birthday to bring a claim.

After someone is bitten by a dog, they may not feel it is necessary to contact a lawyer right away. A lawyer can be of great assistance even early in the process, however, as there are many important considerations with regards to medical treatment. Sometimes people are reluctant to bring an insurance claim against the owner of the dog, whom they may know personally. In these situations, a lawyer can still advise them of their rights, even if they choose not to pursue the claim.

Gathering Evidence After an Animal Attack

There are many things that a dog bite lawyer could investigate. The most important part is identifying the owner of the dog as well as any possible insurance coverage. From there, lawyers typically investigate the history of the dog and contact police or animal control.

A lawyer may also want to take photographs of any injury caused by the dog bite – both immediately after and several times across the healing process. Finally, they could coordinate any possible insurance coverage, either for the dog or private health insurance.

What Are Some Defenses to Dog Bites?

There are defenses in dog bite case to be aware of. Simply being bitten by a dog does not necessarily mean that there is a legal case. In order to recover compensation, the plaintiff must have had a legal right to be in the location where the bite occurred. If they are trespassing, the dog owner may not be liable to them.

If an injured person did something to provoke the dog, that can also be a defense. Sometimes, the defendant will deny ownership of the dog. It is important for an experienced Oak Lawn lawyer to address these issues in order to make a strong case following a dog bite injury.

What Common Mistakes do People Make Regarding Dog Bites?

Many people assume that dogs are well-trained or otherwise peaceful. Unfortunately, any dog can turn on someone and bite them. It is important to always be vigilant around dogs, especially ones with which they are not familiar. It is safest to assume that any dog has the potential of biting a person.

Also, some people are reluctant to bring a claim against the owner of the dog. It should be understood that this is not a claim against the individual but against that person’s insurance company. People pay a premium to have insurance cover situations like this. By not presenting a claim, the only party that benefits is the insurance company.

Lawyers are Here for You

If you suffered a dog bite, it is not advised to handle a lawsuit by yourself. The role of an experienced Oak Lawn attorney is to properly gather evidence, handle insurance companies, and guide you through the dog bite claims process. Call now to schedule a consultation.